My Melbourne Trip:Mr.Glitzie And My Orange Luggage

Mr.Glitzie Starts to Paint the Colours of Melbourne
" A lovely present from Tourism Victoria!"
” A lovely present from Tourism Victoria!”
 Just in case you might not have read my blog before…
And might be wondering what is this cute monkey doing here..
This is my travelling mate,Mr.Glitzie.
An one-of-a-kind monkey who truly loves travelling.
He’s more excited than I am for this trip to Melbourne.
Mr.Glitzie doing his research on Melbourne before today's flight.
“Nah… I want to go this place….no..that looks better.”
Anyway, he is flying with me to Melbourne tonight on Jetstar in my orange luggage bag.
What's in my luggage?
What’s in my luggage?
By the way, Mr.Glitizie doesn’t carries a luggage whenever he travels because he’s a light traveller.
For me, I had a truck load of stuff packed in my luggage.
It’s springtime and it’s a great season to jazz up your outfit with scarves,boots and hats.
Mr.Glitize at the Beach
Mr.Glitzie enjoying his suntanning session at the Bintan Beach. That’s where he get his golden and glow tan.
We’ve travelled together to many countries and we’ve been through
the thick and thin,trudging through the toughest and winding pathways to reach our destination.
This time round is a brand new adventure for Mr.Glitzie as he is travelling with 9 other awesome
bloggers who mostly winners of the Singapore Blog Awards 2011.
Time is running. Mr.Glitzie gotta catch a flight now.
See Ya in Melbourne!
Tucking Mr.Glitize into my huge bright orange luggage
Tucking Mr.Glitize into my huge bright orange luggage

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