Raw & Fresh

@National Museum of Singapore
2 September 2011
The photographer gave me a soft copy of all the raw photos so I could select the best 15 shots from it.
It was great to work with a decisive photographer who could envision you shining in the stark landscape.A great photographer who is comfortable to work with and is good at directing you do beautiful  poses.
The photos with Mr.Glitzie turned out to be unexpectedly great.
And here’s a sneak preview.
Raw and unedited.
Freshly squeezed.

After taking this shoot, the security guards were chasing and shoo-ing us away. If I did not remember wrongly, this flight of stairs actually leads to the haunted part of the museum.
My lips look rather lifeless.Maybe I should have pop it with a splash of lipgloss.
I thought everyone would be laughing at me dragging a monkey all around the museum.

I was surprise that I didn’t take too long to figure what the photographer’s instructions.Maybe I am getting the hang of doing this.
The pink metal tables and chairs were so pretty!

Before the photoshoot, I was so paranoid about what to wear. Well, I guess this green dress rocks with the lushness and greenery surrounding the museum.
Photographer: Jack Zhang.

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