The Deep Blue Sea: Ocean to Plate,Plate to heavens,Experience The Atlantic dream

The Atlantic: Ocean to Plate
@ Crown Entertainment Complex, Melbourne
8 September 2011

The deep red sea
There’s something magical about this place.
First, it’s Red wine.
Then, Tuna.
King Salmon.
More wine.
Cotton candy.
Strawberry cream.
Dessert wine.
There’s a moment of surprise to every full-stop.
Dive in to the deep blue sea
And explore what Atlantic has to offer.
An exquisite design which explores the looming darkness of a shipwrecked.
I love catching the chefs in action.
Taste Chef Donovan Cooke’s burning passion for food.
A passion of flame that was to be spread to his culinary chefs under his wings.
A nice view of a bottle city skyline.
Almost 80% of this resturant is made of glass.
Like the blue waters,
It’s clear and mysterious.
The chefs are moving so swiftly that my camera fails to capture them.
The atmosphere in the kitchen was rather intense with chefs shouting across the kitchen and waiters walked with shuffling steps.
There is wine pairing for every dish served in this restaurant. This restaurant lives up to the definition of fine dining.
Warm greetings from The Atlantic. Even the menu are personalised.
We were all geared with our diving gears.
Ready to take the first plunge.
Appetizer: Yellow Fin Tune Tartare.
It’s splendid. Absolutely fantastic.
If the plate is a canvas, then paint on it.
Every angle looks stunning.
Citrus Marinated Olive Oil Confit King Salmon
Before I dive for the Kind Salmon, the waitresses was already complimenting how scrumptious the salmon would be.
I took a bite and the fish proteins just dissolve instantly in my mouth with an explosion of freshness and a hint of citrus.
The king of fish nestles comfortably on the greens.
Absolutely lovely.
Candied orange rind looks too beautifuly to be eaten.
Braised Wagyu Cheek
This is probably the softest meat fibre I’ve ever tasted. How could meat be that soft?
It’s looks almost as if it has already been partially digested by enzymes.
Do you even need a knife?
Even a toothless old granny or toddler would be able to munch on this.
Perfect food for the young and old.
2008 Gioiello “Reserve” Chardonnay that pairs with the King Salmon dish.
Vanilla Panna Cotta
Every dish comes with a surprise element. The fluffiness of the cotton candy send me straight to heaven.
The berry fluffy cotton looks too pretty
and captivating that I was spellbound. A simple combination of
strawberries and cream but it’s absolutely pleasing to the eyes that
I’ve forgotten how ordinary it might taste.
Sweet dessert Wine that pairs really well with the dessert served.It’s the best dessert wine I’ve ever tasted.
Mild.subtle with a fruity twist.
On the palate.
Ocean to plate. Plate to heavens.
The Atlantic
Crown Entertainment Complex
8 Whiteman Street
Southbank VIC 3006 Australia
T +61 3 9698 8888
F +61 3 9698 8899

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