V,V,V Vote For Your Favourite Melbournatic

I’ve spend 5 days with 9 other bloggers.
We’ve sailed through the pitch dark skies with Jetstar.
We’ve crossed the long arduous bus ride to Great Ocean Road.
We’ve dine together with a table full of wine and food.
We’ve laugh and talk our hearts out.
It’s merely 5 days but we’ve been through so much together.
Now, it’s time for us to blog and shre about our Melbourn Experiences.
Vote for your favourite Melbournatic.
And if your favourite melbournatic happens to be ME or MR.GLITZIE, please select second icon from the left. The icon which depicts a girl with a huge smile 😀

Blog Entry 1: Pre-Trip Preparation
Blog Entry 2: My Jetstar Flight Experience
Blog Entry 3: Hotel Room Tour
Blog Entry 4: The Merchant, Italian Restaurant by Guy Grossi 
Blog Entry 5: La Tour du Cafe 
Blog Entry 6: Eureka Skydeck 88
Blog Entry 7: The Atlantic
Blog Entry 8: The Great Ocean Road
Blog Entry 9: Ballarat Wildlife Park 
Blog Entry 10 : Sovereign Hills

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