Whipping bubbles with a Marshmallow Wand

Something sweet.Something pink.And something cute is about show up.
She grabbed the bottle with a soft pink dispenser
And with a gentle push
Out came a huge mountain of white,fluffly foam.
With bubbles so tiny 
That goes right through her pores
Driving dirt particles out of her skin
Leaving her a baby smooth stress-free skin.
A magic potion formula?
Not quite.

The Japanese are great inventors in the beauty sector, consistently creating new beauty products that would help women to achieve a smooth,healthy and porcelain-looking skin.
 And this is what most Japanese girlsare craving for.
Foam & Bubbles
First, they had the Liese Bubble Hair foam and now, facial foam that is super foamy.
In the nature of science,this makes alot of sense because foams that consist alot of bubbles can provide a greater surface area for the skin to be in contact with.
               The tinier the bubbles, the better. 
This Marshmallow Whip Facial foam has ultra-fine bubbles which are tinier than the size of your pores.
And thus have a better cleansing ability to sweep away dirt.
In addition,  it does not leave your skin feeling taut and dry as this marshmallow formula is  
enriched with collagen that will keep the skin moist and supple after cleansing.
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It’s difficult to achieve that foamy consistency.

Try lathering your facial foam.

It may look flat and and less foamy.

 With the creation of lather, it adds less stress on the skin during cleasing. The foam acts as a cushion which reduces friction and the tension on the facial muscles. Vigorously facial massage or stress on the skin can stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil and can also caused aging and sagging of the skin.
What Can I Say?
My Testimonial
This Marshmallow whip foam has a pleasant scent that eases any tension in your body away during cleansing. It lathers well and glides smoothly on my sensitive skin that requires more attentive care.

How I use it?

Give one full pump.
And gently smooth the foam across your face
With your fingers, massage and cleanse the face gently.

 Time to whip up some fun with Marshallows!

Grab yours today at any major supermarkets and medical stores in Singapore
at a retail price of $13.90.

150 pumps per bottle.

Play the Biore Marshmallow Game from to win attractive prizes!

Screen Shot of the Marshmallow Game.

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