A Dose of Chocolate to Ease Your Pain: It’s a Girl Thing.


It’s the time of the month again.
When the mood swings sets in,
When hormones level shot up high,
And cramps that gives you torturous pains.
Don’t you just dread it?
What do girls crave for the most at times like this?
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According to some research studies done in the United States, 40% of the women craves for chocolate during or before their menses.
Instead of nibbling on a chocolate bar which is high in sugar, why not grab a cup of hot chocolate which is nutritious and packed with several health benefits?

Hi-Beau, a local company based here in Singapore, has just launched ChocoMarvelâ„¢, a packet cocoa drink that would help lessen the misery faced by women during menstruation.

ChocoMarvel comes in sachets of 8 in a Pink stylish box. 
Contents in a sachet of ChocoMarvel (25 grams)
Chasteberry extract
Angelica Extract
Ginger Extract
Black Sugar
Ferric Pyrophosphate
Vitamin B Complex
Malt Extract
Non-dairy creamer

With a single glance at the list of ingredients, this health supplement drink contains a substantial amount of natural plant extracts which are derived 100% from natural sources which is suitable for most women to drink.
L-Theanine is neurochemical substance which is involved in reducing physical and mental stress and in turn, uplifts mood.It is primarily found in green tea.
Ferric Pyrophosphate is an iron compound which is essential for the production of the haemoglobin, a red pigment found in our red blood cells. Women, especially, are usually required to have a high intake of iron due to the subsequent loss of blood during menstruation.

Instead of taking plain-looking iron tablets after each cycle of menstruation, why not prepare youself a cuppa of hot chocolate to relieve the discomfort?

To prepare yourself a hot cuppa, add about 150ml of water at a temperature of 80 degree celsius. The water need not be boiling hot as the powder formulae dissolves easily.
Give it a quick stir and serve it with some biscuits or sweets.It will definitely dispell your moodswings away. The strong aroma of the cocoa powder could be smelt instantly when stirred.
It would be nice to drink a warm cup oof ChocoMarvel before going into bed and snuggling under tight covers. It is recommended to consume once or twice daily during menses.

This drink has a strong cocoa taste so I would usually add a dash of milk to lighten the heavy taste of cocoa and to thicken the texture of the drink. If you like a creamier hot chocolate, you might want to add low-fat or skim milk into your cuppa.What I really like about this drink is that it helps me replace the iron loss during menses and I love the unique chocolatey taste.Best of all, it’s less sinful that any other chocolate drink sold in the market.

It’s no ordinary Milo.It’s simply chocolate for girls only.

Visit www.hibeau.com for more information.

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Retail Price: S$21.90 
Available at Watsons Singapore.

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