A Heavy Duty Makeup Remover:Hada Labo Cleansing Oil (High Purity Olive Oil)

Hada Labo Cleansing Oil with High Purity Olive Oil
(Launching on 1 November 2011 in Singapore)
Key Ingredients
1. Super Hyaluronic Acid
2. High Purity Olive oil

Pure X Simple without clogging of pores
Hydrating your skin as you gently cleanse it.
Heavy Duty MakeUp Remover
 Helps to remove dirt and heavy makeup effortlessly.
For girls,
we tend to focus more on our eye makeup.
Piling lots of eye shadows,mascara and eyeliner on our eyelids and lashes.
It’s difficult to remove waterproof eyeliner entire from my eyelid when I use a normal eyemakeup remover.
I’ve always wake up the very next day with black residue or mascara clumps near my lashes.
Normal,water-based makeup remover could only remove light makeup.
Cleansing oil,in this case,is recommended.
 Just one swipe to remove tough and waterproof mascara or eyeliner.
Gently removing the makeup residue from my eyes.
Well, it’s not too oily on the skin as it is water-soluble and can be remove easily with water.
How I use it.
Use a cotton pad and squirt some of the product on it.
Swipe the cotton pad gently on your skin to remove any makeup.
Using your fingers, rub the cleansing oil in circular motions to get rid of any excess dirt.
The rubbing action will form an emulsion.
Cleanse your face with water.
I’ve got no idea why I smile til like I’m in Heaven.
Pardon me.
Price: S$20.90
Available exclusively in all Watsons stores nationwide.

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