Footloose: Dancing is Destructive?

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What happens if one day our minister announce that dancing is to be ban in Singapore and no loud music should be played in the public because the adults believe dancing is destructive?
It’s pretty absurd,isn’t it?
 But this is what had happened in a small southern town of Georgia, Bomont where people were not permitted to hear rock music or to tap their feet rhythmically against the dance floor.
Thankfully, we’ve a city dude, Ren McCormack who came all the way from Boston to Bomont to save the day as he tried to convince the city council to dismiss the law.
Ren McCormack is acted by Kenny Wormald in this movie “Footloose”. Kenny’s 27 this year, way much older to be a teenager. But I guess the American movie director was trying to appeal to a larger mass audience by not hiring Justin Bieber who might only attract the younger crowd. PhotoCredit
He’s our hero in this movie. And of course, a typical American Hollywood movie never fails to include a love twist that would rekindle passion and love in movie goers or couples. Ren McCormack was a brave young man who rightfully serves a young and gorgeous-looking girl like Ariel.
Ariel is acted by Julianne Hugh,aged 23 who is an American country ballroom dancer in real life. You might recognise her as two-time award winner for the American TV show, Dancing with the stars.She strangely resembles alot like Christina Aguilera.
The Americans have a great sense of humour. No matter how tragic or sad the story , there’s always room for humour. Here’s the clown who made all the movie goers laugh their socks off.
Introducing Willard Hewitt( acted by Miles Teller), the tough,tall guy who dances like a chicken at first then became a pro when Ren taught him how to dance in the movie.
If not for Willard’s silly acts and quirky dance moves, the audience would not have been able to twitch their facial muscles through out the whole movie and burst out laughing which release feel-good hormones. This has definitely bought up the worthiness factor of this movie up by a few ranks.
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Who should watch this movie?
Parents with violent kids
Angsty teenagers
 Pastors and Priests
American movie lovers
People who watched Footlose(1984)

Interestingly, this movie was a remake of the musical film,Footloose which was filmed in 1984.According to several movie critics, this newer version was pretty similar to the original one. Anyhow, it’s great for youths to know what the American Cowboy era is about.

Back then in 1984, the popular type of dance was country line dancing which involves alot of foot tapping and leg movements.Nowadays, line dancing is associated with the older generation but it can pretty cool to dance like a line dancing pro.

Maybe this movie came at a right time because it strangely reflects the stuff that I’m experiencing in life right now. The violence and behaviour of those teens in the movie and the important of religion in the governing of laws and town rules are examples of issues that strike a chord with me. I guess that’s the beauty of movie. You don’t watch a movie just because it’s rated with 5 popcorns or stars. People need to watch movies that mirrors their life. It’s a good wholesome 2 hours of life lecture as they begin to reflect and ponder the important message of the story.

Visit the Official website of “Footloose” to read their movie synopsis and listen to the soundtracks. 
Now showing in all cinemas in Singapore.

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