Marina Bay Sands Hotel
@ Marina Bay
The hotel room is always full of surprises. A cheap motel gives you cockroaches with babies attached and other creep crawlers lurking in the corners of the room. On the other hand, luxurious hotel like Marina Bay Sands Hotel gives a dream of a lifetime. Make sure you give yourself a tight slap before entering such exquisite rooms. Before you leapt into the comfy bed, embark on a mini exploration trip right in the heart of your room.
Featuring 3 tall towers which stood towering before me.
I was given a complimentary deluxe room (39 squared-meter ) which is house in tower 3. Look at the Sunday Traffic!
Looks can be very deceiving. You may think that a tall spectacular skyscraper like this reflects the quality of the beding, room design, service and hospitality. If the outward appearance of the hotel could be associated with the room standards, then why the building of a horrendous small hotels does not acquire or resembles the shape of a cockroach with feelers sticking out?
Brightly-lited,grand and spacious hallway which looks very inviting for any guests. It felt like you’re walking on a red carpet.
But fear not, this hotel is absolutely stunning, starting from its hallway.
Stylish and comtemporary design with a gold-theme room furnishings with lightcoloured wood wardrobes and cabinets. Talking about technology, there’s an automated curtain in the hotel room!

By the way, each room card entitles two person to visit the SkyPark for free! 

Marina Bay Sands truly prove its worth. The room looks exactly like the photo shown in their website.
 If it doesn’t, then complain like all other Singaporeans do.
Bathroom furnished with cold marble vanity top and  floorings.

The bathroom was awesome but it lacked a bath-tub for me to soak in a bubble bath with my rubber ducky.

Switch on your TV and you’ll be pretty excited to see your name flashed across the screen. Read the personalized message before doing the channel flicking.
Some of us love hotel stays. And when we couldn’t bear to leave this place, we tend to keep everything single thing that is portable and detachable from the hotel room and stash it into our luggage. I’m one of them.You may notice this stylish pen resting on the executive work desk. Don’t forget to bring this great souvenir home! But please do not take away their cups,iron or bathrobes or you may have to bring home the pricey bills with you too. As a word of advice, you could only take items which are valued under $5. 
One of the best-kept hotel room souvenir also includes this golden heavenly toiletries set which includes shampoo,conditioner and body wash. These travel-size bottles are great for the next holiday trip,folks!
Resembles a mini kitchen cabinet.
When I first pulled open the drawer, I had this sense of homeliness which I’ve not experience before in other hotels. The way the wine glasses,cups and utensils are placed is neat and elegant. It feels like I’ve just walked into a kitchen, ready to prepare a cup of English Breakfast tea for myself.

Love the traditional  packaging of the TWG Tea bags.
I’ve no idea why this alarm clock reminds me of Charlie’s Angel,the hollywood movie. Waking up in the wee hours of the morning with this golden bombshell.

This room comes with a spacious balcony which gives a you a nice view of the sea and skeletons of buildings which are still under construction. I wonder what the new development happening here. We’ve DNA bridges, one spiky durian, 2 water lilies and 1 airplane stuck to 3 towers, so don’t tell me we’re building mushroom heads like the one in SuperMario game. Because these incoherent infrastructurs would make Singapore look pretty ridiculous.

After exploring the whole room, it’s time for a good rest on the soft and boucy bed.
Good day! 
When will be your next hotel exploration trip?

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