How I transform My Room into A Tiny Music Studio

I’ve been making YouTube Singing videos since last November in 2010. It’s been almost a year now ever since I’ve made the first video. This whole music journey is a pretty tough. At some point, I almost felt like giving up when I felt like the audience crowd isn’t expanding and numbers aren’t leaping up. But at certain times when I receive positive comments from my subscribers or YouTube viewers I felt more motivated to churn out better videos. Thank you guys so much for bothering to leave a comment in my channel which means so much to me!

 Purchasing this condenser USB microphone is another stepping stone in my music journey. Being a singer is not under my wish list so I’m not making videos in hope to be the next Justin Bieber. I just love performing and singing songs that people enjoy. It’s the joy I received from my audience when they enjoy my performance. I wouldn’t trade my voice for anything else in this world.

Bought from
 Hopefully this little black gadget will help to bring my YouTube videos up to the next level. Being able to hear the sound quality clearly is important as it helps me to identify my weaknesses or any choppiness in my voice. After reading all the reviews and hearing recommendations from friends and online, I knew this microphone would be perfect for me.It’s the Audio Technica AT2020, USB condenser microphone which I bought from using Borderlinx. It comes with a mini tripod stand stash in a fine-looking leather pouch.
It’s compact but can be pretty heavy.
Based on some of the reviews I read online, it is highly recommended that I use a pop filter to filter the ‘p’s sounds to achieve a clearer recording track with fewer interruptions.
Bought from a music store at Bras Brasah,Singapore.
 However, the pop filter do not work with the mini tripod that comes with the AT2020 microphone. I needed to get a microphone stand too.
Bought from the same music store at Bras Brasah.
I had a keyboard,guitar,violin and ukulele behind this microphone set-up.
Half of my room space is for producing great music and the other half is for catching a good night’s rest.
Ready to rock the world?
Pretty much so.

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