Ballarat Wildlife Park
10 September 2011
I am going to the Zoo,zoo,zoo
And how about you,you,you?
We’re driving along the Road,road,road
We’re going to the Zoo,zoo,zoo.
Won’t you come along too,too,too?
That’s Julia, our guide for the day.
Well, it’s not really a zoo where animals are held in captive. This is a wildlife nature park where animals can roam freely.
Yes, I mean freedom.
Emu walking along the same road as us.
More WILD excitement to come.
I am so
glad that I had this opportunity to visit Ballarat where I get to meet
my comrades in the outback. Some of my comrades will be featured in this
blog post…
But,first, let’s have some Billy Tea and Damper prepared by our guide.
Me too. I’ve got no idea what’s Billy tea or a damper is until I saw the plate of dough balls in the guide’s hand.
After a few
clicks,scrolling and some Googling, I’ve come to know that the damper
refers to a hard-crusted bread which was food for the Australian Swagmen
who lived in the Outback.
The damper is made out of flour,milk ,water and a pinch of salt. It’s that easy!
Charred Damper.
Each of us
had a precious turn to roast our own damper under the raging fire. We’re
suppose to cook this hard-crusted bread til it’s golden brown. It’s not
easy,y’a know. Ya need some patience.
The damper is dough-like and we have to wrap it around the tree twigs and roast til it give a nice crunchy texture when chewed.
It tasted almost like soft almond cookies.
The guide
worried that we might not want to eat our overcooked or undercooked
damper so thay have prepared a plate of nicely toasted dampers! It’s so
sweet of them!
All fo us were ushered into this little wooden hut for some Billy tea and crunchy dampers.
It look pretty much like hot cross buns.
Hot cross buns.Hot cross buns.
Not too sure if they microwave the damper dough or toasted them in a huge baking oven.
Billy Tea.A black tea variety.
The Billy
tea is usually prepared by sweeping a heap of eucalyptus leaves into the
teapot. These minty-green leaves eliminates the bitterness of the black
tea leaves and give it a refreshing aroma that could lift up your
spirits. It could really make a good Breakfast tea. I would definitely
prefer this over English Breakfast.
Damper served with golden syrup.
the damper was drizzled with golden syrup which gives a sugar rush and
pure sweetness of the sugarcane to enhance the taste of the damper.
Nowadays you could also pair the damper with anything to your liking. Be
it honey,jam,butter , peanut butter or chocolate. But nothing beats
drizzling the golden syrup over the traditional damper. I had the taste
of the past.
Billy, the
name, reminds of Billy the goat. So whenever the guide mention the word ”
Billy tea”, I instantly had a picture of old,aging goat that has an
everlasting long white beard.
Golden syrup made from the sugar molass of sugarcanes. It produces a much sweeter kick than honey.
Feeding the kangeroo has been one of my childhood dream.
Since when? Why?
Long story.
About 10
years ago, I was in Perth,touring the nature reserves in the Australian
territory with my cousins. We were on a moving tram where the driver
would make occasionally stops for us to feed the animals. As a young,shy
girl of a tender age, I was afraid that a kangeroo so huge and furry
would bite off my fingers and the thought of having an animal to lick my
hand with their slimy tongues while feeding really scare the hell out
of me. Just as I was having a tug-of-war in my brain about whether
wanting to stick my hand out to these salivating animals, my cousin said
something which til today, I still remembered it.
He said,” Deenise, if you don’t feed these kangeroos, there will never be a chance to come back here again to feed them.”
I mean, really? I really don’t want to miss this chance of feeding animals.
But,today, I
am provided with the opportunity to get my hands licked with these
marsupials and I will never let chances slipped away again. Ever.
No matter how disgusting to have an animal’s saliva coating my palms, I am still going to feed them til they are full.
It felt kind of nice and warm to be feeling their body’s temperature and warmth. I felt much closer to the wild right then.
Next up, it’s one of superstar in this wild resserve.
The Koalas.
Jerome,getting up close and personal with all the animals in the park.
It’s almost like he was communicating with them by eye contact.
Baby Koala. Joey.
All babies are born to be cute for adults like us to shower them with love.
Next up, we have MR.WOMBAT!
The marsupial with a pouch with an opening that face backwards.
It’s to prevent sand and dirt from getting into the pouch and suffocating its young.
That’s Patrick, the wombat.
mother was killed in a car accident and fortunately for Patrick, he was
hidden in his mother’s pouch and thus left unscathed from the horror.
At the age
of 25, he’s still looking strong and living happily in his warm burrow
where he can have fun digging the soil with his sharp claws.
Our guide then brought us into the Reptile house which houses over 20 different species of reptiles.
Then I came across this bulletin that describes the snake venom that oozes out when bitten.
Once bitten,twice shy.
Pretty unsightly, I must say. These are food for the carnivorous devil.
With teeth so sharp that they could snap off anyone’s fingers.
It’s none other than…
The Tasmanian Devil.
( Here’s a
cuter version of the Tasmanian Devil just in case you might have been
grossed out when looking at the previous picture.)
If you would like to see the Tasmanian Devil hunt in action, please watch the YouTube video by clicking on the link below.
feeding and patting all the cute animals, don’t forget to make a visit
to their merchandise store where you purchase cute and cuddly version of
the animals you saw.
They sell gifts for children,babies,adults,teenagers and even for your vehicles!
These eye-catching stickers on the counterdesk caught my attention.
What is it about?
It’s a campaign set up by the Australian Koala Foundation
It’s a call for those bulldozers to stop cutting down the trees which are homes for the Koalas.
What is it like to get your house bull-dozed or tramper by tall cranes?
Don’t forget to spread the message !
Visit for more information on how to help the koalas.
Ballarat Wildlife Park
Corner York & Fussel Streets
Ballarat East – 3350 Victoria- Australia
Phone : + 61 3 5333 5933
Fax: +61 3 5333 4025

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