She ate 25 Shrimp Wontons in 12 Seconds

CP Biggest Eater Competition 2011-2012
Media Conference
21 October 2011
@ Grand Park Orchard, Singapore
Are you able to gobble down 25 Shrimp wontons in 12 seconds?
And 183 Chicken wings in 12 minutes?
She can.
This is Sonya Thomas, our globe’s No.1 Female Eater.
It’s hard to believe how a petite-size woman like her could have such a HUGE appetite.
Still feeling hungry?
Wait til you meet this wacky American guy who manage to drown down 168 Oysters in 10 minutes!
That’s a seafood pan of oysters swimming in his stomach.
Meet Crazy Legs Conti.
Why did he called himself,” Crazy Legs Conti”?
That was one of the most crucial question I’ve yet to ask during the press conference for CP’s biggest eater competition held in Grand Park Hotel.
Have you ever tasted CP’s famous Shrimp Wontons?
You could have seen their wide range of products displayed along the frozen section in our local supermarkets.
CP’s one of the largest food Thai-based companies in Asia which offers a variety of “ready-to-eat” food products ranging from Teriyaki Chicken to Shrimp Wonton Soup.
     CP ,short for Charoen Pokphand in Thai, means “Prosperity
in Food”.
I think I’ve tried their Glazed Chicken Teriyaki before!
In this year’s CP Biggest Eater competition, participants have to compete to eat the most number of shrimp wontons in 8 minutes. This competition is held across 4 cities: Singapore, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Bangkok. For this competition, they have invited professional eaters like Joey Chestnut,Sonya Thomas,Crazy Legs Conti and Matt Stonie to compete with amateur eaters from the four cities.
I realised Crazy Legs Conti love to take snapshots with his mouth dropped widely open.
By far, Joey Chestnut, the World’s No.1 Eater, had set a record of eating 380 CP shrimp wontons in 8 minutes last year.
Will both professional eaters, Sonya and Crazy Legs Conti,break last year’s record of eating 380 wontons?

Read on for my personal interviews with the both of them. 
But even before, I move on, let’s us feast our eyes on these CP goodies prepared by the chefs at Grand Park Hotel.
How creative these chefs can be! From far, it looks like Peking Duck Meat wrapped in buns.
Looks familiar? It resembles KFC’s popcorn chicken,isn’t it?
Food that looks this good,tastes good too. I believe that’s alot of hardwork goes into cracking the perfect egg-shell cups.
Tender chicken drenched with spicy Thai Chili Sauce.Yum.
CP’s Shrimp Wontons cooked in Tom Yam Soup base. The shrimp was succulent and juicy
Crazy Legs Conti
Personal interview with Crazy Legs Conti
This 40 year old man does look like a professional eater with his tall-built that towers over me while I stood next to him. He looks like he could stomach a heap of beef and gorge down hundreds of hot dogs and other typical American New-York food where he came from. As a experienced professional eater who is taken part in over 20 eating competition in a year, he shares with us some great advices for people who want to turn into professional eaters. As we are all seated comfortably on a couch at the Grand Park Hotel’s dining area, I began to dish out my questions for the professional eaters who are preparing for the showdown tomorrow,22 October 2011 at Orchard Central.
I did the interview with another lifestyle blogger,Yong Peng.
During any eating competition, most eater could stuff as much food into their mouth and swallow everything down. However, this way of gorging food down their throats could not last very long.That’s when they start to chew the food and might even have to eat one at a time towards the end of the competition. To Crazy Legs Conti, such food competitions is akin to a food marathon where one is competing to gorge down food the fastest. 
Interested in carving out a career or hobby  as a professional eater?
Crazy legs Conti advised that one should be above the age of 18 years old and he or she should practise this hobby with caution. Your  body and health should be your priority. During every eating competition, there should be a paramedic or some form of medical assistance available just in case any of the eaters got choked or are experiencing any health problems.
Next, we interviewed Sonya Thomas who has such a wonderful bubbly personality.
I’ve got so many burning questions for her!
Q 1: You look great ! How do you maintain your slim  figure?

Q2: You’re 44 this year. But you look like you are in your late twenties or early thirties.How do you maintain your youthfulness?

Q3: What is your origin? Were you born in America?

It’s really hard to believe that this trimmed and fit lady who has a well-toned body is a professional eater. Any beauty or health secrets to share with us? Well, she mentioned that her demanding job in the fast food industry requires alot of walking. Besides that she only had one meal per day and does regular exercises like jogging to keep her body trim and fit. In addition, she is also a very enthusiast person who has a pleasant and favourable personality. So I guess that her active and optimistic lifestyle might be the main contributing factor to her good state of health. Being happy and doing regular exercise is indeed important to feeling and looking great.

Currently, she is living in the United States but her dark hair and light brown eyes  hinted me that she could be of Hispanic and Spanish origin.But to my surprise, she is a Korean native who migrated to United States at a young age.During the interview, she also shared with us about her family background and her aspirations of the future as a professional eater.

While talking to her, I could feel her immense passion for food. She explained that her not-well-to-do family background might be the reason why she thinks food is so important to her and eating is such a pleasurable and enjoyable thing to do. It’s really interesting to know how one’s flame of passion is ignited or sparked off.

Is she confident of the breaking record?

You could see the determination and drive for success in her eyes. But at the same time, she was also feeling nervous about the competition on 22 October 2011. ” I will do my best!’ she says with excitement. Even thought she has taken part in several competition, she admits that she still feel the butterflies in her stomach at the start of each contest. Before the interview come to an end, I popped the last question.

” Do you like to cook?”

Without any hesitation,she replied,” No! I just love to eat!”

Eating keeps her alive.

What’s keeping you alive?

Best of luck to both eaters!

Do visit the link below for more information about the competition. The results will be announced after the competition on 22 October 2011.

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