Slurping Ramen at Marutama Ra-Men

Marutama Ra-Men 
@The Central 
Clarke Quay,Singapore
I understood no Japanese. But I reckon the words on the signboard means
” one bowl of Ramen per person for S$12.”
 This is considered to be one of authentic Japanese Ramen resturants in Singapore which runs on a simple concept of serving only Ramen. Hot piping bowls of ramen served by young Japanese men who spoke little English with a strong Japanese accent.

A Ramen restaurant that specialises on selling their in-house Ramen: The Marutama Ra-men that comes in two version: Spicy or non-spicy. 
What’s on their menu?
Ramen,ramen and ramen.
Marutama Ra-Men ($12)
Nama Karashi Ra-Men ($12)
Aka Ra-Men ($15)
Tan-Men ($13)
Of course, if u are coming for the first time to this Ramen store, you have to try their in-house Marutama Ra-men.
I guess the simplicity in their limited menu also helps to reduce the communication breakdowns between the Japanese waiter and their local customers here.
 I haven’t been to Japan before and have no slightest idea about what Japanese Ramen culture is all about. But this bowl of Nama Karashi Ra-men has sent me right to the top of the roof. It was the most appetizing Ramen I’ve tasted by far.

Ramen: The Noodles and the Soup
 I’m not kidding. The noodles isn’t your everyday instant noodles that tasted so rubbery. There is a nice bite to these slightly yellow-tinted thin noodles.
In my bowl of ramen, I was surprise to find only one thin-slice of Char Siew and a whole chunk of green seaweed floating helplessly along the chewy noodles. I guess they aren’t too generous with their Char Siew portions but that one piece of Char Siew is enough to twitch my tastebuds and send me up to the next level,right above the rooftop. That slice of Char Siew is nicely marinated with soya sauce with an aroma that would please any Asians who love the oriental taste of their meat.There is also some fats attached to the Char Siew which is bursting full of flavour when chewed.Some girls would shun away from these nasty fats but girls, you wouldn’t want to miss eating this layer of Char Siew fats has produce the same uplifting mood effect as dark chocolates.

As you can see, the soup broth is rather too shiny from the layer of oil which floats to the top. The oil could be from the pork ribs or bones which are boiled for hours to make the soup base. If not for these animal fats and the essence from the pork bones, would the broth taste as good ?
There’s always a precious price to pay for eating delicious food.
Slurp Ramen like the Japanese do.

6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central @ Clarke Quay

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