Sovereign Hill @ Ballarat : The Cowboy Era

Sovereign Hill
10 September 2011
This is one of my favourite attractions in Melbourne.
Ballarat is one place I would visit again if I’m travelling in Melbourne again.
An outdoor museum
That has an element of surprise at every turn.
My fingers couldn’t leave my camera for a single minute.
I took over  hundreds photos til my camera’s battery ran out.
Let the Photo Scroll begin.
Everywhere is GOLD!
Gold Mining Site.
Where we pan for GOLD.
Aussie Gold that we could bring it back to Singapore.
Gold Panning.
And we get to store our gold in this little bottle.
It takes about 5 minutes for me to pan for a speck of gold.
Imagine the labour the gold miners had to go through.
Back to the future
Where Cowboys say “EEE hah!”
Close your eyes.
Get a feel of what it is like in the early 1850s goldrush in a city which is built on gold.
Run your fingers through the vintage items in the stall
We’re living in a future where we could also experience the past.
It’s the best of both world.
A  picturesque view of sovereign hill with our guide modelling at the foreground. It’s an accidental lovely shot.
Unintentional shots are sometimes beatuiful.
Feelin’ hungry after all the gold mining and walking?
Stop over at New York Bakery for a short tea break or breakfast.
Remember to catch these musicians struttin’ their own stuff.
Do dance along merrily with them!
For lunch, we ate at a restaurant in United State hotel.
It was a warmly-lit cosy restaurant with a huge fireplace.
Coffee or tea?
Earl Grey, please.
My usual cup of tea.
With a pinch of gold,please.
This apple pie serve with strawberries in cream came to me as a shock.
This plain-looking apple pie was superb.
Crisp on the outside
Soft and warm on the inside
That flaky golden buttered crust
Along with soft juicy diced apples
And with that hint of cinnamon
It’s heavenly.
ALL of us were seated
Enjoying our meal next to the fireplace
When an intruder with weapons came in.
Who’s there?
Before I could even blink my eye,
he grabbed my hands and handcuffed me.
And the only way to bill me out
is for you to place a vote for me.
BILL ME OUT! PLEASE! ( I’m the second girl on the first row from the left)
( What happened next? Wait for the next blog post! Stay still!)
(Don’t move!)

Sovereign Hill

Ballarat Victoria 3350 Australia

Telephone 03 5337 1100

Facsimile 03 5331 1528
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