The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant: Goodbye Melbourne

The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant
@ Melbourne City
10 September 2011
2011-09-10 17.47.45
This is our first and last stop.
The ten of us came to Melbourne
Not knowing how the words in our itinerary will translate into reality
Some of were clueless about each other’s background,status and personality.
But we talk and shared over glasses of wine
Before we could settle ourselves down
Walking with a same pace as the locals here
We had to pack our luggage
And wheel back our luggages of memories
in words,photos
Condensing everything into blog post published here.
2011-09-10 17.47.54
Thank Jenny, Tony and Weiding  for making sure everything arrives on time.
They make sure we board and alight every stop
Making sure no one miss the train.
Ensuring everyone is back home safely.
2011-09-10 17.49.14
Thank you bloggers for filling up the train carriages with laughter
Making the whole train journey an enjoyable one.
(I glance around.
Every blogger was armed with either a DSLR or digicam.
I wish I had my camera with me.
My camera battery went flat after snapping so tonnes of photos at Ballarat Wildlife Park and Sovereign Hill.
But I was determine to capture some photos of this cool tramcar.
I’m glad to have a 5 megapix mobile with me.
I just refuse to give up.
Learning to find the new alternative is my way of life.)
Photo credit: The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant
A “Thank-You” bow to the people who helped serve us.
Be it the waiter who poses with a slab of meat at the Italian restaurant
Or the passer-bys whom we ask for directions.
And even the guy in the photo above who look like the waiter who served us in the tramcar.
We appreciate the song you sang for us in the tramcar!
2011-09-10 17.49.00
Chicken Liver and Cognac Pate
Crowned with pink peppercorns,served with crisp bread.
Roasted Red Capsicum Dip
served with crisp bread
2011-09-10 17.53.29
From the Bar:
Sparkling wine which makes every trees and buildings in Melbourne sparkle with so much charm.
2011-09-10 18.18.10
Victorian Farmed Eye Fillet of Beef
with potato and herb rosti,seasonal vegetables,oniion marmalade and a rich beef jus
2011-09-10 18.52.41
White Chocolate and Passionfruit Parfait
with praline and a vanilla raspberry syrup.
For every wonderful journey,
we end it with sugar-sweet dessert
That sweetens and neutralise any bitterness incurred during this trip.
The Colonial tramcar restaurant is the first travelling Tramcar restaurants in the world.
Get to enjoy a scenic view of Melbourne streets while having a fine meal onboard.
Do not worry about glasswares tipping off the tables
Or you,falling off the seats
As stabilisers have been fitted to the trams
So that everything stays firmly.
If it doesn’t,
There’s always the blu-tack.
Go ahead and make silly faces at passerbys
Or smooch your lover furiously
Because one-way glass windows have been installed
Where passerbys would not have a single clue of what you are doing in the tramcar.
Drink as many glasses of wine
And cups of coffee and tea you like
Because there is a bowl for you to excrete whatever is digested.
Luncheon,early dinner and late dinner operate daily on board.
Just give them a call at
+61 3 9696 4000 OR
email them at
Give them a ring before you leave.
I hope you wouldn’t miss the train!
The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant
P.O. Box 372,South Melbourne
Victoria 3205 Australia
Tel +61 3 9696 400
Fax +61 3 9696 3787
Feeling the hangover from this trip?

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