When Fishes Makes You Beautiful

Japanese Fish Collagen: The Craze of Collagen

Collagen is a naturally-derived protein which is made in our body for maintaining of the skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines. In other words, it’s one of the ingredients to fight against aging of the skin.No wonder women craved for collagen in their everyday food and drink. Even Ajisen has collagen-infused noodles for their female customers.What about our Vitagen drink has collagen added to it?

The bad news is our collagen production will start to decrease when we reach the age of 25!

To conquer aging and maintain our youthfulness after 25, we could reply on health supplements to replenish our minerals and nutrients lost from our body.


Japanese Fish Collagen
Probiotic Complex
Fruit Juice Powder
Vitamin C

These fine collagen molecules ( size of 3,000 Daltons ) are so minute that they can penetrate easily into our body. Best of all, it’s been fortified with probiotic complex which promote healthy growth of intestinal bacteria and Vitaminc C, an anti-oxidant which slows down the rate of free radical damage in our body.

Flavours Available : Mango,Lemon and Blueberry
Retail Price: S$58.90
Available at all major retail outlets.
It is recommended to consume before you go to bed and after you’re awake for maximum absorption of collagen into your body. You can open the sachet and empty the contents directly into your mouth or mix the powder with fruit juice or water.
Fish Collagen  usually has a thick heavy fishy smell but the fish taste was musk with the flavouring added.

Consume one or two sachets a day.

For a healthy glow!

I’ve been wanting to try health supplements which contains collagen and what a coincidence when I receive 3 packets of Avalon’s Japanese Fish collagen from Hi-Beau. What a pleasant surprise! Fish collagen usually taste unpleasant and has a fishy smell but the fruity flavouring in this product helps to musk the unplesant and bitter taste of the fish collagen. 
Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen
 18 Boon Lay Way
Hi-Beau International Pte Ltd.
Phone: +65 6515 9818
Redeem a free Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen sample at:

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