AKG K518 Headphones: It’s Me Against the Music

AKG K518 headset music headphones

At the age of 8, I asked Mummy if she could get me that big black shiny instrument that produces a melodious sound when I banged hard on the black and white keys.

AKG K518 headset music headphones

At the age of 11, my primary school teacher, Mrs.Chng discovered that there was another musical instrumental embedded right in my throat. It was God-send from the Heavens.   

My musical journey started right there.  

AKG K518 headset music headphones

Singing and being on stage has really transformed me from this shy and timid girl who only stares at her toes in a lift with a stranger to someone who doesn’t mind embarrassing herself in front of anyone.  

I’m using the AKG K518 LE (Fuchsia).

Source: AKG

An intimate sound experience. Anywhere and anytime.  

It’s just me against the music.  

It comes with a carry case so that you stash this cool headset into your bag.  

The strip of metal in the AKG K518 adds strength and sturdiness to the headset. This lightweight headset has soft ear pads to cushion your ears. It also has a secure fit but it might be too tight for some.

In addition, this pair of headphones has comfy soft ear cups for your ears to rest on. The isolating earcups give you that private music experience.

AKG K518 LE Limited Edition (Available in 7 colors)

AKG K518 headset music headphones

It’s a great headset that blocks out noise beautifully, channelling clear and rich sounds to the ears.   

-Unique folding mechanism

– Fat bass-High output sound level

– compatible with all iPhones 

Designed and engineered in Austria.    

Retail Price: SDG $139.00

The AKG K518 headset, in my opinion, is suited for DJ or anyone who listens to techno, rap or rock songs as the headset produces a rich and deep bass.

AKG K518 headset music headphones

If you are listening to songs by Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston, the loud instrumentals or background music could overpower their soulful voices. For me, this is a great headset if you are working out in the gym or jogging in the park.

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