Crabtree & Evelyn: Smoothen my rough,calloused hands

Crabtree & Evelyn
Hand Care Collection
My palms felt pretty rough lately. So I thought I should invest in a good hand cream to soften and pamper my hands. Afterall, you wouldn’t want to go around shaking your rough,calloused hands with people,do you? Because rough hands is associated with aging. Perhaps they might even think you’ve been doing alot of work lately,without maintaining the condition of your skin. Honestly, sometimes I felt embarrassed when I extend my calloused hands during a handshake. I just can’t bear the thought of having something to wonder why I have a hand texture of a 60 year old lady.
An ultra-moisturising hand therapy is what I urgently need right now.

Crabtree & Evelyn: Gardeners’ Hand Therapy (S$20)
I guess I must have read a review somewhere stating how fabulous this product is for people with calloused hands of a gardener. Maybe that’s why they name this product ” Gardener’s hand therapy”, a handcream for the gardener who work hard under the hot sun. It contains nourishing shea butter which helps to restore softness and soothe work-roughened hands. It has a pleasant fragrance of fresh leave clover,lavander,sage rosemary and thyme which are all herbs found in the garden.

Crabtree & Evelyn: Pomegranate,Argan and grapeseed (S$20)
This, coincidentally, was their latest collection of body and skincare products using anti-oxidant pomergranate and nourishing grapeseed and argan oil. This hand therapy was a blend with macadamia nut and sheabutter to instantly smooth rough skin through regular usage. It was formulated without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, and mineral oil.Thus, it is suitable for sensitive skin. The scent of the pomegranate was enticising and the top notes of citrus and fig tree leave helps to lift up your senses. The sort of fragrance a product has a great impact on my choice of purchase. I prefer a floral,romantic,citrus or fruity scent that could last longer and waver through out the day so I could enjoy the pleasant smell wafting around me.

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