Eden Sanctuary Floral Cafe: The Floral Cuisine

Eden Sanctuary Floral Cafe
@ ChinaSquare Central
It’s a sanctuary for human beings to sit down and enjoy a healthy meal prepared with fresh ingredients plucked from the mini garden located right inside this cafe.

Heard of floral cusine? I guess it’s something pretty new here. 

Seeking for a place to enjoy your greens?
This is the right place to begin your journey.
Hibiscus Cheese Filo ($9.90)
 I did not want to start off with the mains because this desert here is one of their speciality. This could be one of the sole reason to pop in this cafe and ask for a Hibiscus Cheese Filo.
The crunchiness in its golden flaky crust is sufficient to make you crave for more. This is just the start. Sink your teeth further in to experience the pleasantly sour taste from the hibiscus filing mixed with light cream cheese which was slightly frozen, leaving a cooling sensation on your tastebuds. Like any food critique would say, it’s all about the combination. Warm and crispy in the crust and there’s the element of surprise, when you taste something cold on your tongue.
The filo or phyllo has its origins from the Middle East.It is a paper-thin sheets of dough used for making pastries.

What’s on my plate?

Oreo Cheesecake,Tofu cheesecake and mango cheesecake.

Salami Blue Cheese Pitza $10.90
This is my first time eating pizza made with wholemeal flour. It seems that the ingredients used here has to be nutritious and healthy for the body.
Word of caution: When dining, please do not mistook the carafe of water on the table for drinking water because you may end up swallowing a fish that is swimming happily in it.
Eden Sanctuary Floral Cafe
(Nearest MRT Station: Chinatown)
18 Cross Street #01-16
China Square Central
Tel : 6224 2298

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