Hit the Road with Quincy Jones

AKG Headsets by Harman
The Quincy Jones Signature Line
Can’t wait to try on the new headset for my latest YouTube video!
So there you go!
Stay just the way you are
Because there’s no one else like you
Steal the limelight
By wearing something or accessorise yourself with something in lime.
Like the Q460.
Stylish and sophisticated.
AKG Q460
High Performance Foldable Mini Headphones
Unique 3D- Axis mechanism to fold the headphones completely flat
99.99% oxygen-free cable
Super soft ear pads
Detachable cable ( Two cable lengths included)
Gold-plated jack plug and contacts
2.5 mm/6.3mm Jack adaptor
iPhone compatible 
In-line microphone & remote control for iPhone devices
Available in 3 colours: Black, Green, White 
Retail Price: SGD $219.00

I’m using the AKG Q460 in black.
It’s super compact. I basically stuff the headphones and cables into this small semi-hard case pouch.
Doesn’t it look like one BIG SMILEY FACE?!?!?
This headset’s gotta be one of my favourites for vocal recording. 
Don’t you just love that pop of lime color?
The sound produced is crisp and clear.
For each vocal recording, it can stretch up to hours as I sang repeatedly to get the song and mood right. So, I would need a comfy headphones where I could wear it for long hours without getting headaches or redness on my ears for wearing it too long. In addition, it’s super compact! That means I could bring it outdoors for recording or travelling! If you are looking for headset which is light and compact, you have to get one of these!
This headset only weighs 120 grams! (without cables attached)
” I visit a dozen of countries every year , and these are the headphones I want with me.”
 – Quincy Jones

There are some of you who might be wondering who is Quincy Jones and why he is working with AKG to create his own signature line of headphones. Right?
Quincy Jones is the man behind the best selling album Thriller and best-selling single,”We Are the World.”
Sounds familiar? Does the name “Michael Jackson” comes up to your mind?
Yes, Quincy Jones is the music producer behind all these Grammy Award-winning albums and singles.
There must be something so magical about these headphones that even one of the most successful and admired music icons in the world would love to hit the road with it.
Visit the website below to find out how you can win yourself a set of AKG headphones!

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