Immortals:The Souls of the Righteous are Mortal and Divine

Immortals(in 3D)
@Shaw Cinemas
Shaw Lido,Orchard
Before I start to comment on this year’s blockbuster movie, I wanted to talk about how awesome the newly refurbished Shaw Cinemas at Shaw Tower is. Extra comfy leather seats with lots of room space. So you don’t have to worry if you might accidentally brush someone legs with your rear as you walk along the row of seats to occupy empty seats. No more, ” oh, I’m sorry” or “Sorry,excuse me” lines to rattle in the cinemas. The quality of the 3D movie was incredible. Unlike any other 3D cinemas, Shaw cinema has a better sound system with higher quality 3D films which look exceptionally real. The depth of the images was also clearly define,which makes you watching the battle taking place right before your very eyes.

” All men’s souls are immortal, 
but the souls of the righteous are mortal and divine.”
– Socrates

Anyway, back to this movie, one of the most highly anticipated movie of this year which depicts a classical Greek Myth about Thesus and the Minotaur. So, all Greek history lovers out there, this is a movie you must watch to witness the gruesome killings in the battlefield.

Caution: Please do not watch this movie if you scare of the sight of blood.

The movie was packed with several gory scenes that even I can’t bear to take a sight of it. Clearly, I’ve got a frail heart which thumps real fast upon the sight of gruesome,bloody images.

But behind all those clashing of swords and splattering of blood, this movie clearly portrays an important message about having faith in the almighty who lives above. I believe there were powerful messages behind this movie. In addition, this movie shows us interesting glimpses and snapshots of the Greeks way of life and the past, a thousand years before Christ was born.

Watch this trailer to witness the tradegy.


King Hyperion and his army is razes Ancient Greece in search for the Bow of Epirius. With the Bow of Epirius, he seeks to overthrow the God of Olympus and threaten to destroy all mankind. And there is only one person who was chosen to battle against King Hyperion and stop his brutal and ruthless acts. Thesus, a peasant, was the chosen one to stop all the destruction.

Thesus was acted by Henry Cavill.It was Zeus who taught Thesus how to conquer and fight with the sword.

Zeus and his favourite daughter, Athena.

This is one of my favourite scenes in the movie where Thesus stood fearles and strong as he convince his fellow man to fight for glory and gather strength in them.

The lady oracle (acted by Freida Pinto) who is armed with the talent of predicting the future. He supported Thesus and always stood beside him.

Isabel Lucas looked really stunning in her Greek goddess costume.

Zeus’ daughter,Athena who is Goddess of Warfare. Acted by Isabel Lucas.

I think this movie speaks to me alot. It appears to me that there could be some biblical evidence behind the classical Greek Myth. Is there?

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