Lollipod: A Sweet Tripod Stand for You Camera

Compact Digital Camera Tripod Stand
Made in Hong Kong
Lolllipod, Ultra-light Leisure Tripod ( $35)
Recently, I was looking for a tall tripod stand for my camera to do filming for my YouTube videos so over the weekend I hop down to Funan IT Mall to search for THE ONE. It took me a good 20 minutes to compare across the various models and prices before decided on this ultra-seek tripod that even comes with a carrier bag. After examing its uses and benefits, I must say that this is one of the greatest invention ever! You might be thinkin that if it is light, it might be unstable and topple upon the strong gust of wind that blew past but the designer had already foresees that as a problem. So it was equipped with another triangular piece of netting that is to be attached at the base of the tripod stand where you could place a water bottle or something heavy to lower the centre of gravity. 
Maximum height: 133cm
300 grams in weight only!
30 cm in length
For compact digi cameras (attach by screwing it to the tripod)
Available at Song Brothers.

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