MapleSEA : Ready to battle in the CHAOS?

I’m a total noob when it comes to computer gaming.
The last time I played MapleStory was during my secondary school days where everyone was couping up at home to play the latest computer games and pretending to study when mummy barge into their rooms.
Today, MapleStory has evolved rapidly with technological advancement and began churning out various game versions which includes the MapleSEA, a localised version of MapleStory. In MapleSEA, you will get to see adorable avatars dressed in our local, ethic costumes and maps that are familiar to Singaporean and Malaysian MapleStory fans.
I was reconnected with Maple last friday as I was invited to attend an exclusive bloggers-only event to try out their latest instalment of CHAOS for MapleSEA which introduces Player versus Player (PvP) mode. Well, the problem was, I couldn’t really remember a single thing of what MapleStory is all about and was definitely unprepared for the battle which was taken place at this cosy cafe called Group Therapy.
49 Duxton Hill, Level 2
MapleSEA CHAOs Patch Walkthrough
(Blogger’s Event-only)
@Group Therapy, Duxton Hill
25 November 2011
This is a common set-up you will see at each blogger’s event where there is ample time for you to take lovely self-potrait with the ring of angelic light that helps to whiten out your skin so it appears blemish-free and even-toned.
Just before you enter the battle field, do remember to take lots of picture of yourself before you are sent straight to heaven where camera may be of non-existence.
The organisers of this event were really thoughtful. They gave each of us a Mushroom plushie for us to hug for comfort. Totally adorable! Especially with their red,blushing cheeks!

Creepy-looking monster watching us as we click away to enter the virtual world .

I wonder what’s the significance of the mushroom in MapleStory. Can anyone enlighten me on that?
MapleSEA Chaos content update is split into three phases:
1) Return of the Heroes ( Launched in October 2011)
2)Technological Age and Super Fight
3)Ice Knight
Super Fight is the most current update of CHAOS where the PvP battles is being introduced. Under the PvP battle, there are two main modes: Survival and Team Match. It’s definitely more fun to be pitting out against each other rather then playing with the computer-controlled characters.

Our Last Supper. Rainbow-coloured food to heighten our spirits as we dash towards each other with our weapons.

Sweet treats: Blueberry cheesecake. Some desserts to up our sugar level and perk our adrenaline level.

The Interior of Group Therapy.
They say this is one of the hippest place in town right now. Not a bad place if my battle ends here with my MapleStory avatar being sent to the death bed.

Even more plushies!


I was totally defeated. I guess I’m not cut up for computer games.

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