The Night I Was Starstruck-ed

Magic To Win 开心魔法
Press Conference
@Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
29 November 2011

I’ve attended two press conferences( include this one) as a blogger so far and I’m totally lovin’ it! I felt like I was jobshadowing a reporter-cum-cameraman job where I had to fight for a good camera spot, fire a stream of questions and listen attentively to the bigshots,who are under the spotlight, talking about their new productions.

Anyhow, my task was to blog about the press conference on the new and upcoming movie, Magic To Win which starred Wu Chun (吳尊, Wú Zūn) , Raymond Wong( 黄百鸣), Louis Khoo (古天乐), Wu Jing (吳京)and Karena Ng ( a new Hong Kong Actress). Upon entering, I was given a “Fanclub sticker” and had to label myself as a “fan” which I thought was pretty hilarious given that fact that I wasn’t a fan of this movie. Maybe someday they would have media passes or stickers for bloggers too.

The other bloggers and myself came in at the right time when Wu Chun, Raymond Lim and the movie director Wilson Yip (叶伟信) just entered and walked up the stage. When I first stepped into the ballroom, I was surprise to see so many female reporters seated behind. Are they camera-shy or what? Well, I guess it’s a good opportunity for us bloggers as Hayley,Claire and I hurriedly went along to occupy the front seats.

Out of the three artists on stage, Wu Chun was the only actor I’m familiar with and well, of course, it’s natural for me to place my attention on him. I swear he was looking at us, the bloggers at the start of the media press conference.After a moment, I thought I was having an eye contact with him for 1..2..3..or 4 seconds, am I dreaming or what? I was about to slap myself and stop daydreaming when the emcee, Danny Yeo, posed a question which goes something like “How did you come about choosing Wu Chun as one of the main character for this movie?”. I wasn’t paying full attention as I was busy snapping photos of Wu Chun but I heard Wilson Yip said, ” Leng Zai ! “in Cantonese,which means handsome. I couldn’t help but to agree! I mean Wu Chun is already in his 30’s and could still maintain his boyish charm that would melt any girl’s heart. Aww…

It’s so difficult to get a good shot of Wu Zhun, when there are several human obstruction along with their gigantic camera equippment blocking us. SHOO! You, people!

If you were at the press conference too, you might have witness this girl in a floral white dress walking across the room several times with her colourful,cartoon-like camera and blocking your vision momentarily for a couple of times right? And you might be thinking why is she here and if she is a reporter. Unfortunately, that happens to be me, sorry reporters for blocking your view!

This is one of the most exciting part of the press conference when the emcee announced that it’s time to take a group shot, all the reporters rushed forward including Claire. Thank goodness, Claire made the first move if not I wouldn’t be standing right infront of the stage along with the other cameraman with their bulky cameras. *Click,FLASH,Click,FLASH*

Sometimes, I wonder what is it like to have the flashlight cast on you…

I almost burst out laughing when I saw this photoshot in my camera. I didn’t even know I took this shot when Raymond rubbing his nose,Wu zhun with his ” Sign, I’m tired” expression and Wu Jing yawning? Maybe?

In cinemas on 8 december! Don’t forget to watch!
Watch the movie trailer here!

We took self-potrait shot during the press conference. This is such a blogger-thing to do.
That’s Danny Yeo, who kindly agreed to take a photo with us.
Hayley and Claire.

After the press conference in the afternoon, the bloggers and myself were invited to watch the Movie Gala preview of the movie, Magic to Win where Raymong Wong, Wilson Yip and Wu Chun will be at the Grand Cathay to grace this event.

How fortunate to be meeting two mediacorp stars, Rebecca Lim and George Young at the cinema itself! I was super starstrucked that night!

Catch the video podcast on the press conference on
and Hayley’s blog here.

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