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Tower Heist: Eddie Murphy’s back!

Tower Heist 
The Cathay
@ Handy Road,Singapore
Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy
” Put this two hilarious guys together,you’ll get BAM! WHAM!”
There is no doubt about Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy’s great acting skills in this movie.
Photocredit: boxofficebuz.com
Yo Bro, What’s movie about?

You have this bunch of people working in luxurious condominium in Central Park,New York who came to realise that their pensions have been taken away by a billionaire swindler.

The ultimate revenge?
Hire an ex-prisoner and come out with a plot to retrieve their money back.

It was an awesome heist.

It requires alot of planning, luck and brain juice.

  Photo credit: collider.com

 It’s opening in Singapore cinemas today!
( 3 November 2011)

It has pretty simple storyline but was well-filmed and directed with a great execution and a little nice twist at the end of the movie.

Afterall, is stealing such a bad thing after all?

I am not advocating that stealing is OK or that stealing a swarkovski crystal earrings, Victoria’s Secret thongs or a pull-over from a departmental store is perfectly fine.

The question is : What is all these items or money belongs to you in the first place?

But in this world of justice, the person who steals will be put behind bars.

Whether or not  the items belongs to you.

Watch this movie to find out how complicated the world has become 
and Eddie Murphy’s( who originally came up with this movie plot) ingenious plan.

Visit their movie official website to watch the movie trailer.
It’s pretty interactive too.

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