You Are the Apple of My Eye: From a Girl’s Perspective

You are the apple of my eye

A movie review…

From The Girl’s Perspective

From the movie title itself, one can guess that it’s probably a story told through the eyes of several teenage boys who once fall in love with the very same girl in school who gets the attention. There are very few love stories which revolves largely from the guy’s perspective.Read on to find out what’s my take on this.

You may have read a couple of movie reviews which quoted how romantic or sweet this movie is. I don’t have the intention of bursting that dreamy and lovey-duey bubble thought of yours, but I thought maybe I should give a little warning for the girls who have the intention of watching this movie.
“This movie is for the guys. Boy, you could expect the worse and humourous things that any guys would do.”
Starring Ko Chen-Tung.
So, this true,real-life based story begins with this 16-year-old boy who is no different from the “Ah Bengs” ( a young man who lacks cultural refinement) or ill-discipline kids you see today in our society. Sit tight,girls, for there will be a slew of indecent words and vulgarities spewing out right infront of you. Don’t be taken aback because some guys simply love to curse.

Starring Michelle Chen.
 All that boyish acts could be put to a side when the camera zooms into this studious girl who had an eye for the boy who had a bun stuff in his mouth (refer to picture above). No doubt, girls just love the bad boys. In mandarin, we have this saying “男人不坏,女人不爱” which asserts to that fact that a woman would love a man who ruins things.
On the other hand, in the guy’s perspective, who wouldn’t want to date a beautiful girl who knows nothing but to study? A petite girl whom he can protect and make him smile.Sure, he could find ways to show his prowess to the woo the girl of his dreams. 
Soon enough, like any other romantic fairytale, both of them fall head over heels with each other.  That’s the part where all the girls go “awe… so sweet” and the guys would go,” dang, if only I could date a girl this cute…”

Of course, in every love story, the couple always engaged in this brawl where they scowl at each other to dish things out. This is usually what happens: Guy engage in acts that Girl’s found it really childish. Girl gets really angry by the Guy’s immature and silly mentality.And the girl left him while she seeks another man to find her true happiness.
What happened next,then?
But for the guy,
This girl remains to be the one whom he will always cherish.
A man would never forget a women he onced truly love.

“You are the apple of my eye.”
Woman sometimes fail to realize that man sometimes do foolish things because they love us too much.

Okay, maybe, not all the time.

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