All I Want for Christmas is …

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!
Tis’ a season to be jolly, Fa-lala-lala…
Dinner parties, Christmas trees and gift exchanges…
and maybe Santa hiding in the chimney.
It’s also a time of sharing and giving.
Talking about gifts, 
have you bought Christmas presents for your family,friends or colleagues?
Or how about for yourself?
It’s time to reward yourself with a gift after working so hard for this whole year.
For me, I’ve always wanted a pair of good quality earphones but I really didn’t want to splurge so I have been using a pair of non-expensive earphones which comes free together with my current handphone. I’ve been wishing,hoping and longing earnestly for someone to buy me a pair of earphones or for a lucky draw where I could win a set of earphones. But guess what! I think the heavens has been answering my prayers when I receive news that I will be getting my hands on AKG earphones! How awesome can that be!
This is one of my early “Christmas presents” I receive from AKG.
Boy, I was overjoyed.
AKG Q350 
From the Quincy Jones Signature Line
It’s daubbed in bright lime green.
(worth SGD$159.90 )
The first thing I notice about the AKG Q350 is the striking lime-green colour that appears stylish and cool. Not everyone on the mrt or buses wears a lime-green earphones, do they? Another striking feature  is that it’s ultra-light in weight and super compact. 
I’m currently listening to “Be my Baby(remix)” by the Wondergirls.

I always start my day with some music to get me into the right rhythm and mood for the day. Music has always been my travel companion when I’m on my way to work,school or the gym. I would  coil the wires and stuff it into the small casing ( that comes along with the AKG Q350) and simply slip it into my everyday bag and I am all-ready to go!

If I’m planning to do a YouTube Singing video, I would be playing my ipod repeatedly several times even during work or when exercising. It’s been a wonderful listening experience when you are using a pair of good quality earphones. My current play list includes , “If this was a movie” by Taylor Swift , ” Be my Baby”(remix) by the Wondergirls and “Goose’s Dreams” by Insooni. Ah yes, I’m kinda into K-Pop recently. By the way, in my next YouTube video, I will probably be doing a cover version of Insooni’s Goose’s Dreams. Do keep a lookout for that!

But, of course, life could even be better when you have this music gadget which is made for the “affluent aficionado”. This high quality earphones would bring the sound experience up to the next level. You would never ever in your life, guess that this actually costs….

For your information, this earphone isn’t exactly the world’s most expensive ones. After I googled, it turns out that the most expensive earphones is worth $5,200 (because it was encrusted with 118 
Okay, let’s take a closer look. Examine it closely.
AKG K3003 ( new flagship in-ear design)
Any diamonds?
You see, it’s not encrusted with diamonds.Neither it is made out of pure gold or silver. So, why was tagged at that price? Don’t you get it? The “diamond” in embedded inside the AKG K3003. 
It’s not the world’s most expensive earphones but it’s the world’s smallest ever true 3-way supreme audio earphones.

Let’s skip the technical parts, features and analysis.
To simply put, this pair of earphones “transports” you to the centre stage of a live concert,theatre or 
wherever it is.
Like your Gucci or Louis Vuitton handbags, the AKG K3003 is all specially hand-made and crafted in Vienna, Austria. Each of the product is tagged with a specific serial number code. Exclusive, isn’t it?
Get this earphones for your boss for this year’s Christmas. He or she will love you. 
Though it may burnt a big hole in your pocket, but think again. 
It’s end of the year where every one’s talking about bonuses.

 The AKG K3003 comes in two versions.
K3003: Earphones with no in-line microphone or remote
K3003i : Earphones plus in-line microphone and remote
It comes with three pairs of different-sized ear buds and a steel flight adapter for their standard 3.5mm jack. A leather pouch was also included for the storage of earphones.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May Year 2012 be a musically blessed one.

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