Cambodia – Phnom Penh Day 1 Snapshots

This is my first time embarking on a Christian mission trip.
Destination: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Every mine destroyed is a life saved.
Cambodia has been facing the landmines issue for a long time. There are still landmines littered on the ground in the rural areas. God, please bless them. 
 This is where we have been residing for the past 5 days. 

Eureka Villas
#24, Street 184
Phnom Penh

 A small villa equipped with a pool and not forgetting large beach chairs for you to lie on a lazy afternoon.

 Those armed with cameras just can’t stop taking snapshots of the food they’ve tried in a new foreign place.
Chicken fried with Cashew Nuts.

After settling down and unpacking all those luggages, we decided to dine at the hotel’s restaurant.

Fried Rice. 
The cambodian’s cuisine is pretty much similar to the chinese.
 Next, we head down to the quayside for some coffee and desserts.

Plain Yoghurt served with honey 
This home-made plain yoghurt with honey taste simply awesome. It isn’t too sour or too creamy. It has a nice light texture to it and taste just as delicious when eaten alone.
 As night falls.
As sun sets.
Don’t forget there’s always a glimpse of light.
A moment of hope.
I wouldn’t mind decorating the tree in my backyard with christmas lightings.

Sometimes I wish I was trapped in a fantasy and whimsical world 
Where there are flowers everywhere
Where time doesn’t ticks.
Where love is endless.

Dinner at the Vegetarian Restaurant.
The food and price was superb. What’s more? You are merely eating vegetables that doesn’t add much calories.

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