Cambodia- Phnom Penh Day 2 Snapshots

We were well-rested after a day of adjustment to the slow pace of this city. The sun was out and the wind creates a gentle breeze and tickles our skin slightly. Today was shopping day. The shopping list has rolled out and we were ready to spend our cash in exchange items which were to be donated to the schoolchildren in the villages.
Hotel Breakfast.
Buttered toast, coffee/tea,eggs with fresh fruits

It’s nice and cheery to be waking up in the morning with such a hearty breakfast. The caffeine in my cup of tea gave me a boost of adrenaline to kick start the day.

Oopps. I’m sorry.
We were heading to the central market with our tuk-tuks when I must have accidentally taken this snapshot while cruising on the most common vechicle in Cambodia. Maybe I was too engross in trying to capture the tuk-tuks moments that I intruded the life of this young man who looks non-chalant and irritated. Whenever someone greet me with those pair of eyes, I would feel super apologetic about it and flash a shy, embarrassed smile. Despite all of this, I love this photo to bits. This photo reflects some remnants of a Cambodian student life where students would ride home on their motorbikes. Their school buildings were usually painted in yellow. I’ve no idea why the walls are splash with yellow paint  and it’s the same in Vietnam.
Packed like Sardines.
The central market was bustling with activities. You almost find everything in this market. This tiny grocery store could offer you a splendor of cooking ingredients and spices all in this small corner of the market. I wonder if the shopkeeper knows where’s the bottle of green pickles he has displayed on the shelf. Is that also how you envision your life to be? Squeezing every single bit into one tiny space and thinking that by doing so, it could spice up and enrich your life.
The curious Chapteh Kid

After taking checks off the shopping list, we gathered at our meeting spot after an hour or so of bargaining and haggling with the friendly Cambodian shopkeepers. While waiting, why not spend some time playing Chapteh with the amicable security guards who were stationed the grand entrance of the market? While my team mates were having a friendly Chapteh match with the guards, I noticed this small boy took a few steps forward and lookign curious to find out what’s going on. Or perhaps, he could be wondering whether he could join in the game.

Cheap and classic are my favourite words for shopping.
I consider myself as a careful and meticulous shopper who does not purchase items on impulse. Or maybe I was wrong considering the number of items I bought during the shopping trip at central market. I love items that were cheap, affordable yet at the same time, timeless, elegant and classic. I tend to go for pieces which speaks quality and texture. Trendy, outragous and punk just doesn’t go with my name.
Calling all fashionistas.
For dinner, we choose a boutique-cum-restaurant to dine in. Customers would shop while dining there. A place for the fashionistas. I wonder if there’s a place for me to blog,write and upload pictures while feasting a plate of pasta.

Cheery Potpourri

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