Cambodia – Phnom Penh Day 3 Blazing Trail

Happy Birthday Kelvin!

It’s a pop-up card made for Kelvin. It’s always nice to celebrate some one’s birthday overseas. It just make things really special. I wish I could celebrate my birthday overseas someday too but pity my birthday usually falls during the exams period.

Today’s already the third day of our trip and things are just getting started.

Bacon and fried eggs for breakfast.

Excitement knocks on our door today! We’re going on a blazing trail where some of us will be travelling in jeeps or ATV to tour about the outskirts of the city.

I wonder if it’s made of gold? The Cambodians love their tuk-tuks! So convertible!
Ready, get-set go! 

I’ve rode the ATV twice before and I swear I wouldn’t really want to ride again because I always come in last. The first time was driven by Daniel and I was seated behind him and he’s a fast and rash driver who drove super fast and I was screaming away and grabbing onto the handrails for life. The second time I sat on the ATV, I was asked to sit on the motorbike with the leader because I was too slow!

Be warned! There’s gonna be lots of sand and dust along the blazing trail. My whole body was covered with a thick layer of sand after the whole trail. Do bring along a hankie to cover your nose or wear a mask to prevent the sand from entering your body system.

For me, I didn’t have to drive the ATV. I opted for the jeep where you just sit in and enjoy the long ride through the villages.
Cambodia, a land of smiles.It’s so heartwarming to see them receiving our present with a smile on their faces.
Yellow toothbrushes for the little ones.
A bunch of kids came out of their houses to greet us.

Evian facial spray to keep us refresh. But with our faces so damp, would our faces get coated with more sand?
While waiting for the ATVs to gather at the next meeting point for a rest, we spotted a few children catching fish by the river. 

Their family is living by the rice fields and this little child has got no Papa. I guess that’s why he yearns a fatherly hug.

“Papa? Are you my papa?”

We next head to a historic temple to has a striking resemblance to the ones found in Ang Kor Wat. A few village girls dash forward as we stepped down from our vehicles, begging us to buy water lilies from them as offerings to the Buddha. ” Give me a dollar so I can go to school.”They quipped.
“Snail Frenzy”

We had our lunch by the riverside, munching on some snails, mini crabs and sandwiches.

Cripsy Crabbilicious

In this land of smiles, the people are still blessed with beautiful things from God. Look at how shiny and brilliant its wings are. It’s creepily beautiful.

After a simple dinner at the hotel, we head down to a cafeteria called Toto near our hotel for some cakes and ice-creams.

The decor was just fantastic. Light blue-washed walls with pretty floral wallpaper lights up our hearts after an eventful day.

Apple Crumble Delight
Belgian Waffle with Fruits

Who would have guess that one could still find such a pretty place to have cakes and tea here?

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