Cambodia- Phnom Penh Day 4 Ambience

Today Amanda and I decide to have breakfast by the pool. Music in our ears and a book in our hands.

I raised my head and saw this magnificient lush greenery around me. Sometimes you have to learn how to adopt another view in life. Don’t always look things through the same magnifying glass. Shift your view and you’ll see light.
Lunch at F.r.i.e.n.d.s , a restaurant managed by students. I’ve heard pretty good reviews about this restaurant.
We’ve ordered about 7 different tapas to fill our stomachs.
Reminds me of mistletoe.
Christmas is coming! 

Mango Filo
This dessert had everyone at the table salivating. It’s so good that everyone would like to come back for more of this heavenly dessert.

Aftermath of the Mango Filo snatching frenzy.

There’s also a shop run by the restaurant owners. Everything here is made out of recyclable materials.

Check this out. The beads of necklace is made from pages pulled out from magazines.

After all that Mango Filo frenzy and shopping, we head over to Ngon restaurant to have a post-birthday celebration for Kelvin. Ngon Restaurant has 3 outlets: 2 in Vietnam and 1 in Phnom Penh. I’ proud to say that I’ve been to all three outlets before!

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