CLEAR Shampoo : Nourishing your scalp

I was so glad to be receiving stuff from The Sample Store again…

This time, I was asked to review on a range of unilever’s Clear Shampoo which includes:

Female Clear Anti- Hairfall

Female Clear Ice Cool Menthol

Male Clear Cool Sports Menthol

Male Clear Anti- Hair Fall

Like every new product in the market, there is a new special ingredient added to boost the overall functionality of the product. For Unilever, they have infused Nutrium10 in their range of Clear shampoos. The new Clear with Nutrium 10 can treat the root cause as it it infuses the scalp with nutrients 3 layers deep and help restore the scalp to its healthy condition.

Clear Women Anti-Hair Fall

$9.40 for 350ml
$14.30 for 700ml

One of the common hair concerns I have is hair fall. It could be due to the frequent color treatment I undergo which weakens my hair strand and cuticle, leading to hair breakage. With Hair Lock Technology, this shampoo can help to strengthen the hair from root to tip and also increases hair’s defense against hairfall and breakage. Unlike most shampoo found in our local drugstores, this shampoo targets at the scalp rather than the hair. It’s not fair for me to say that this shampoo does prevents hairfall as I was only given a trial shampoo sample (80mL) which could only last me for a week or so. But one thing I like about this shampoo is its sweet citrus scent that is not too overpowering. I love using shampoos that has a pleasant scent which will linger on my hair.In addition, the shampoo formula is not too dry on the hair ends.

Clear Women Ice Cool Menthol (unisex)
Anti-Dandruff shampoo

$9.40 for 350ml
$14.30 for 700ml

This shampoo gives that invigorating burst of menthol freshness and at the same time, prevents the formation of dandruff. I personally do not have dandruff and I couldn’t comment on how this shampoo really works for me but you could read Edelwiz’s blog on how the Clear shampoos is effective for her in combating dandruff.

The Clear shampoo formula for men is different. In the Clear shampoo with Nutrium 10 for women, it is infused with more hair vitamins and minerals to moisturise the hair and to boost stronger hair growth. For Clear men, it is infused with Pro-Nutrium 10 and has double the amount of active ingredients and fungus inhibitors than in Clear Women Shampoo. This is because men’s scalp is generally oilier and weak which explains why men are more prone than women to have dandruff.

To put the Clear Men series into test, I’ve asked two of my male friends who are both suffering from dandruff to try it.

Clear Men Cool Sport Menthol
$10.30 for 350ml
$15.70 for 700ml

Friend 1 says: Wow, a noticeable reduction in dandruff after subsequent wash. The minty and cool sensation somehow also release the tension and stress cramped in the head.

Rating: 4/5

Clear Men Anti-Hair Fall
$10.30 for 350ml
$15.70 for 700ml

Friend 2 says: The cream-based shampoo has a strong scent of those after-shave cologne that will stay for a few hours on the hair even after wash.

Rating: 3/5

More about Clear…

Clear is the world’s leading scalp care shampoo.The Clear shampoo formulation included research and clinical trials were done in the Clear Paris institute. Clear’s patented formulations are a result of extensive research done by scalp care specialists.


You could now try 7 different types of new Clear Shampoo with Nutrium 10 by logging on to to retrieve a 80mL sample of the shampoo of the various types as listed below.

Female Clear Smooth and  Manageable
Female Clear Complete Soft Care 2in1
Female Clear Dry Scalp and Itch Control
Female Clear Anti- Hairfall
Female Clear Ice Cool Menthol

Male Clear Cool Sports Menthol
Male Clear Anti Hair Fall

After sampling the shampoo, you could also enter the Best Review contest. Details as shown below.

Best Review Contest

Submit your individual shampoo review at for any of the 7 types of shampoo listed above and 3 best reviews will walk away with a CLEAR product hamper worth $50.

Contest ends on 31st December 2011.

Winners will be announced on Facebook:

Visit for more information.

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