Domino’s Pizza: Cheese-Overload Frenzy

Domino’s Pizza
@ Tampines Outlet
Yesterday I had my mouth stuffed with loads of cheese.You could say it’s almost like a cheese-fondue party where there are bits of cheese everywhere on the tablespread. Domino’s Pizza, a popular pizza delivery company from the States, is serving up their new cheese pizza sauce – Cheese Overload.Thanks to Domino’s pizza and, the bloggers have the chance to witness the cheese overload frenzy!
Hi! Pizza, Say CHEESE!

I’m always intrigued at the sight of cameras hovering the food. Whenever I attend such events, I will never fail to capture images like this. It’s so fascinating, isn’t it? This is what I call, ” food modelling”.

Domino’s Onion rings.

Crap, I think I forgot to try that out yesterday. Someone must have gobbled everything up before I lay my eyes on it.

I seriously need to thank the people working at Domino’s. They’ve been walking around pouring drinks,serving pipping hot pizzas (that came out fresh from the oven) and ensuring that us bloggers have a enjoyable cheese-overload experience. This really goes to show how much they value customer satisfaction and customer service.
 At Domino’s, you get to choose the type of crusts, sauces and toppings.
I heard that the top secret sauce is a killer. I haven’t witness that for myself though and that’s a reason for me to revisit Domino’s.

 Chilli Chicken Pizza : 
Smoked Chicken Breast, Onions, Red peppers, Chilli Flakes.

Not to worry, it ain’t that spicy.
 Domino’s Chocolate Larva Cake

After eating all that savour stuff, how about tasting tasting something sweet now? Poke your tiny spoon throught the crust and all that goodness just oozed out. My chocolate volcano is spewing chocolate, help! But, girls, it may be a little too sinful…..

Twisty Bread 
coasted with Garlic powder
How about some sides to go along with your pizzas?
Twisty bread, anyone?
Hawaiian Paradise
100% mozzerella cheese with succulent smoked chicken breast, turkey ham and juicy pineapples. 
More pizzas, anyone?
No, thank you, oh..err.
Maybe, I can have just one more slice please.


Oh, did I mention that this Cinnastix ( Cinnamon bread), twisty bread and chocolate larva cake costs only SGD $3.80?

To indulge yourself in this Cheese-overload frenzy, kindly pick up the phone receiver and dial 

or order it online at their website.

30 MINS delivery or a FREE regular pizza voucher.

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