Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu Lip Balm: Achieve Kissable Lips
We girls knew so much and were often too obsess about achieving beautiful skin and hair that we’ve totally forgotten about our lips. Chapped,dry lips or uneventone lips are some of the problems faced by women today. How often do you use lipbalm to moisture your lips? Do you exofoliate your lips to get rid of the dead skin cells?
The skin of our lips is rather thin as compared to the skin covering our body. Unlike our skin, our lips do not have sebaceous glands or sweat glands which helps in keeping it smooth and soft.That explains why our lips get chapped very easily when dry. Our delicate sensory organ needs extra care and special attention so that it remains healthy, attractive and kissable.
Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu : Grape and Berry

It’s really time to invest in a lipbalm if you haven’t already got one. Whether the weather is humid,cold or dry, it’s always good to be using a lipbalm is gentle yet moisturizing for your lips. 
Metholatum’s Mogitate Kajitsa lipbalm with real,natural,fruit juice and honey is one of the latest lipbalm introduce in Japan. It’s not hard to believe that this lipbalm is the bestselling lipbalm in Japan after I tried   smacking my lips with some juicy,fruity balm. It smelt so deliciously fruity and sweet that anyone would try to lick some of it. But that’s the danger you see, I don’t think anyone wants to munch or lick their own lipbalm.

The Mogitate Kajitsu lipbalm comes in 5 different flavours : 
Orange and Mango
White Peach
Lemon and Lime
How this Lip chapstick can give you kissable lips.
It moisturises and softens the lips with natural fruit juice,honey and Bee wax
At the same time, it smoothes lips and prevents wrinkle with Squalane*, Grape Seed Oil,Vitamin A and E. In addition, it offers a good amount of UV Protection too.
(*Squalane is natural emollient which has moisturizing properties.)

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