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Spice Peranakan
I was down for a circle line SMRT makan session with Dr Leslie Tay, author of ieatishootipost.com with 19 other participants. All of us head down to Spice Perankan which is about 5 to 7 minutes walk from Buona Vista MRT station.
When I first entered their restaurant, I was pretty taken aback by their modern furnishings that spells out “western” rather than “asian”. It looks no different from a western dining place. You wouldn’t have known that this restaurant here actually serve traditional peranakan food. Though there are some signs of items that speaks of the past about the history of peranakans. There’s definitely a stark contrast in the decor. Did you see the traditional costume of the nyonyas framed up on the wall?
Christmas’s in the season!
 Dr Leslie Tay with Lady boss of Spice Peranakan.Dr Leslie Tay also shared with us some food photography and his experience in blogging which I find it really useful and inspiring. I think, I really have a long way to go in this blogging journey.


Ayam goreng with caramelised onion in Kecap Manis ( Sweet black sauce)
This is one of the outstanding dish served in this restaurant. The onions, according to the boss, was caramelised with Kecap Manis for almost 4 hours long! The ayam goreng was fried to almost perfection: crunchy and light, not too greasy at all. And the sweet cameralised onion sauce gives it that final kick.
 Ikan Tamban with camarelised onion in Kecap manis
(Sardines)It seems like any dish which is prepared with the camarelised onion is tasty and appetizing. You can never go wrong onion sweetened and browned slightly with the sweet black sauce. The Ikan Tamban
(or sardines) has a nice crunch to it. After, it’s mainly bones, which is high in calcium.

Kuah Salat
( Coconut Custard)

It’s not too sweet and light but has an adequate aroma and taste of the coconut.
Fish Curry
This is really spicy! I love spicy food but this is quite a challenge. It must be the chili padi.
Satay Ayam
This is one dish that has that “homely” or “mum’s cooking” taste to it. It’s not too spicy as compared to the fish curry, goes well on your tongue.
Chap Chye
(mixed vegetables)
Papaya Titek
(Payaya and dried Shrimp)This is my first time trying the Papaya Titek. But I must warn you first. This soup must be serve hot because when it’s cold, the sourness of the soup is pretty overpowering and uncomfortable on the tastebuds.

Spice Peranakan


20 Biopolis Way
Singapore 138668

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