Steam Silken Tofu With Red Dates

Silken Tofu
Red Dates
Chinese Coriander
Light Soya Sauce ( One tablespoon)
Sesame Oil (one teaspoon)
Oyster Sauce ( one teaspoon)
These days I’ve trying to prepare my meals at home instead of eating out. Well, it’s not only about the MSG or the oil that nudge me to prepare home-cooked meals, but the thought of growing up and gradually moving out of Mom’s kitchen had really motivate me to pick up culinary skills in the midst of preparing my own meals. Moreover, feeding the man of my life and my future kiddos is as important as anything else.
This recipe is easy-peasy. If you need to fill your stomachs with something healthy and nutritious, just grab a silken tofu from the local supermarket and toss in some chinese sauces and herbs to spice it up and add taste to it. Slice the tofu into smaller round chunks and place it on a porcelain plate. Sprinkle red dates and some chopped Chinese coriander on the tofu. Then, add one tablespoon of light soya sauce, one teaspoon of sesame oil and oyster sauce into a bowl. Mix the sauces well and drizzle it over the tofu. Place the plate of tofu into the steamer to get the tofu cooked for about 7-10 minutes.
When I was much younger, my mum use to tell me how tofu can make your skin supple and soft, just like the silken tofu. Indeed, the tofu is a good source of protein which need to renew and repair the body tissues which includes the skin. And the good news is, tofu is low in calories! If you’re a bodybuilder, you might want to include tofu into your diet.

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