Welcome to the Year of the Dragon: Chinese new Year’s Eve

Receive an angbao filled with chocolates! It’s nice to receive a bunch of goodies from others.
Grandma’s house. This is small field I used to play when I was a kid. Blowing bubbles, lighting firecrackers,playing hide and seek… all these beautiful memories are kept buried here.
This is the swing that I love to “swing” out all my thoughts and feelings to my dear cousins. It’s our little secret hide out place where we were out of sight, from the adults.
Nian Nian You Yu. The fishes comes in a pair. I wonder what it represents…
Dressing up to the nines and looking good is what people do for the new year. We all dress to impress our family, relatives and friends. But… why?

How I wish digital cameras were invented earlier. So I could capture all my childhood moment with this quirky camera.

Daddy said this wall clock has been around for almost 30 years. I would be greeted by this spectucular, antique wall clock whenever I enter my paternal grandparent’s house. Every hour, the bell would strikes and the ringing sound of the bells  filled the whole house admidst the joy and laughter we once had.

It’s pretty strange how time past. When I was a kid, I was surrounded by many uncles,aunties,cousins and other relatives during Chinese New Year. It was such a great affair then! There were tangible. I could touch their hands and look into their eyes. But as time passed, one by one, become intangible. They become merely photographs… without the soul..hanged lifelessly on the wall.

Which is your favourite Chinese New Year goodie? Mine has got to be loveletters and the white powdery cookies! It’s a must to eat a couple of loveletters cookies on Chinese New Year.  Because it’s so light and flaky, I could not stop munching on it! 
Red symbolises prosperity and luck. Maybe I should invest in getting a red dress or something red to wear.

I blessed with aunties who can really cook! My family is kind of particular about food and traditions. Home-cooked meals always tasted good.
Fried prawns with green pepper and cashew nuts.
If only, I could prepare such dishes for my future husband and kids. I should learn how to be a good Christian wife now, huh? Maybe it’s time to tie an apron around myself.
Nyo Hiang.
Every year, my aunt would fry Nyo Hiang, this meat-filled Chinese spring roll which is served with sweet black sauce. I’m not too sure whether it’s a traditional Teochew dish but I never fail to eat this every single year since I was a kid.
Reunion Dinner.
It’s all about spending quality time with your family and relatives as you sat around this round table to talk and catch up on each other’s lives. Circle symbolises strength and unity. Linking our hearts and souls together as one.

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