Whimsical Paris: Let’s Fall in Love Again.

It’s a cold windy Saturday morning. I was about to do my quiet time when I start to realise the outright bareness my devotion notebook cover. How about drawing some sketches using the shading techniques( hatching, cross-hatching and stippling) I had just recently taught my students? It’s also time that I brush up my sketching skills.

I sat back and thought,” what should I portray? What should I draw? ” Or rather, what do I love most right now? It’s none other that Paris, an irreplaceble city in my heart.It’s been quite a while since I lost touch with learning French. Let’s fall in love again.



This was cute! I grabbed this drawing from the net but I had no idea where this picture really originate from. Let’s give credits to this wonderful and romantic artist!

“I love you every day. Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.”

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