Beauty Haul : Essence @ Watson’s

Beauty Haul
Essence Cosmetics
@Watson’s Singapore
Ngee Ann City

It’s CRAZY! I just shopping around in Watson’s at Ngee Ann City today after visiting my dentist and I spotted this German Brand of cosmetics that is unbelievably affordable. Every single product in the counter sells less than S$10 !

When I saw that the black pencil eyeliner was priced at $2.20, I thought it was some cheap, lower-end cosmetics like silkygirl cosmetics. But no, I was wrong! I tested the eyeliner and did a light swatch on the back of my hand and I was so amazed at how high pigmented the eyeliner is! It glides smoothly and gently on my skin and the pigments adhere pretty well to the skin. Well, I thought, there must be other goodies from this comestic line!

Other goodies : Nail polishes, French manicure set and accessories, Eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, make-up brushes, mascaras, concealer, foundation, blusher, bronzer…well, pretty much everything !

Essence’s Matt Bronzing Powder
Sun Club
For Blondes : Lighter Skin
 S $ 7.60

This bronzing powder has a matt finish and that’s what I need as I don’t really want my skin to appear too shiny or glittery. Besides, a natural matt-finished look is in for this season. They have both matt and shimmering bronzing powder for two different skin tones : Brunettes ( dark-skin tone) or blondes (light-skin tone).

Stunning prices, isn’t it? Based on the testimonials of other essence’s product users on YouTube, the make-up brand is comparable to Wet N Wild and L.A Girl cosmetics.

 Essence’s Smoky Eye Set
Duo Eyeshadow Palette 
S$ 5.00
Shimmering light grey and Matt deep grey.

Eyeshadow Applicator and brush.

I choose the smokey eye set that has a darker grey undertones instead of the colour black which could appear too harsh against my skin tone. There’s also a deep brown smokey eye palette available at the counter. According to the instructions given, the brush is used as a eyeliner brush to line the eyes while the sponge is used to smudge out the dark eyeshadow. I was pleasantly surprised by how soft the brush applicator is thought it might look pretty stiff on camera.

Essence : Forget It – 3 in 1 Concealer
S $5.00

This is an interesting product that make use of colours to neutralise redness or lighten blemishes to fully conceal the imperfections on the skin. The texture is slightly creamy so I advise that one should use it sparingly as creamy-textured products can easily clogged pores.
Essence Long Lasting Eye 
$3.30 (Pink)
Essence Metallic Eye Pen 
$2.80 (Gold)
Essence Kajal Eye Pencil 
$2.20 (White)
These 3 eye pencils/pen took me by surprise because the quality is comparable to Maybelline’s and L’oreal’s eye pencils. It’s dark and highly pigmented. I must say this has to be one of the best buys! Eye pencils and eye liners of other cosmetics drugstore brands usually ranged from S$7.90 to S$25. But Essence’s eye pencils only cost a fraction of the above mentioned prices!

Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow and for the rest of the days! I will keep you guys updated!Chao!


Essence Cosmetics is under this beauty German enterprise called Cosnova which also came out with Catrice cosmetics.

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