Celine Dion’s Sensational : The Essence of a Star

Celine Dion Sensational for Women

Launched in March 2008
Created by Maurice Rousel
Bottle designed by Jane Tarallo

Top Notes

Crip Apple
Icy Pear
Middle Notes

Transparent Jasmine
Base Notes


77.47% alcohol

Eau De Toilette 0.5 oz (15ml)
Vaporisateur Spray
Watson’s Mega Sale at Singapore Expo

To simply put it, this perfume is quite of a “sensation” as so to speak. On the first whiff, it’s unique and may come across as a little too overpowering for some as this perfume contains quite a number of strong, individual notes which could overwhelm your olfactory system. But when you give it some time for the perfume to settle on your skin, layer by layer, the different notes will start to show up and that’s when you will really get to appreciate this scent. Well, this involves some patience too. And when your nose get’s acquainted with this Eau De Toilette, you will love it to the core. It’s a potential signature scent for women who dare to be different from the crowd.

At the beauty counter, while testing for this scent, it didn’t really smell pleasant when I test it on the perfume blotter. It’s only after a couple of minutes the heart of the scent reveals. If not for my friend who asked me to take a whiff for the second time, I would not have this discover this interesting unique perfume.
This would probably be my first perfume that contains the scent of icy, cold pears. I’m not a fan of pears. In fact, pears is one of my leas favourite fruit because I find it bland and tasteless. I thought it was just a fruit to quench your thirst.Pretty much like watermelons. On its own, it has no fragrance of its own. But after trying on this perfume, I knew I was wrong. Pears, itself, has a unique,fruity fragrance that is light but sharp at the same time. It creates a beautiful clash with the other fruity and floral notes in the perfume. If you could see perfumes as musical piece which comprises of notes and chords, the scent of pears would be the outstanding notes that creates a disaccord in the musical chords. But it’s sort of like a beautiful clash of notes in a chord that truly screams “this is my music and it sounds crazy but I like it “.
The nose behind this perfume is Maurice Roucel. He was one of the notable perfumers in this industry. Before he became a perfumer, he was actually working in Chanel as a chemist. His creations include DKNY Be delicious and GUESS. 
On top of it’s quirky scent that includes a blend of pear and apples, this scent has a long lasting power. It’s worth fo those celebrity perfumes which is worth taking a closer look. The scent still lingers on my skin after 5 hours and I believe that it could be because of the rich, harmonious blend of synthetic floral scents that could dwell on the skin.

Til today, it still amazes me how a perfume could smell so differently on the skin of different people. This perfume sits pretty nicely on my skin cells while other perfumes doesn’t seem to be sitting comfortably on my skin. Perfumes can be really picky. If they are not the right one for you, toss it. When it comes to love, you’d better learn how to pick the right one. If not, it will smell ranchy and sour on you.

“This is one fine art that requires some patience and time to appreciate the beauty of it.”


Exclusive to 

Coty Paris
14 Rue du 4 Septembre
75002 Paris,France

Made in USA.

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