L’Oreal Renewal Lash Serum : How to curl your lashes

About a week ago, I went down over to Poly Beauty to get eye lashes permed. The results were so amazing as my stubborn lashes could finally curl up neatly without having to use the eyelash curler. .Plus, it looks natural. Beauty is all about being and looking natural. Even if we are not made to be, we could at least try to look like we are blessed with natural-looking long lashes!

During the whole eyelash perming process, my eyes felt kind of stingy but the stingy-feel goes away once the beautician place a hot towel over my eyes while waiting for the eye perming lotion to take effect. I was a little anxious too as I was wearing my contact lenses but the beauticians over there reassured me that it’s alright to wear lenses while perming. Afterall, the eyes are the windows of our souls right? And if anything happen to my eyes… …

The whole eyelash perming process took about an hour or so. A little pain was involve when the beautician will pull and staighten your lashes and glued them to a soft cotton rod. Occasionally, you can even feel the effects of some chemicals seeping through you eyes but not to worry, as long as you remain still and shut your eyelids tightly, be rest assured that nothing will go wrong with your eyes. That is why you need to find a trusted beautician who is really skilled and experience in doing this.

I was told that the eyelash perming effect only lasted for 2 months but how I wish it could last for a life-time! In order to maintain the perm effect for as long as I can, I knew I had to be diligent for at least the nex 3 months or so! I did some research online to find out ways on how I could maintain the curl and to keep my lashes strong and healthy. Apparently,  those who had permed their eyelashes complained that their lashes went really dry and some even experienced lash fall-outs. It’s not surprising because the harsh chemicals like ammonia in the perming lotions could damage the hair cuticle and cause hair fall-outs. Some of the those who permed their lashes suggested using an eyelash serum to nourish, moisturize and plump up the lashes. The only affordable drugstore eyelash serum I can find in Singapore is the L’Oreal’s Renewal lash serum.

Based on the product description, it’s a “concentrated serum enriched with Arginine, a major component of keratin, and Madecassoside, for an intensive boost.” Arginine is actually one type of amino acids which  is a building block for proteins like keratin which is the main protein component found in hair. The other main ingredient, Madecassoside, also know as Gota Kola, is derived with a medicinal plant that boost collagen production. It’s also a restorative and curative compound.

I’ve been using it for almost a week only so the results may not be that noticeable but I do find that my lashes looks a little longer and thicker. I applied it during the day and night before I go to bed.The eyelashes are naturally short, stumpy but rather thick. So volume is not an issue for me but length has always been something that I am dying to have. Let’s see how this product does wonders to the length of my eyelashes.

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