Matcha Green Tea Ice-Cream (Instant Mix)


Cold Storage, S$4.60
(Japanese Food Section) 

My love for Matcha                                                   

I was hooked to anything edible that has Green Tea Matcha added to it these days.

The green tea matcha has a unique and rich flavour that is soothing and cooling on the tongue. It seems to neutralise anything that is too sweet or heaty. Moreover, it is overflowing with so many health benefits: an anti-oxidant which could also help in lowering blood pressure. When it comes to green tea ice-cream, you know it wouldn’t be too sinful to indulge in it.

There are times which I just want to buy myself a scoop of healthy-flavoured ice-cream to perk my spirits up but was disappointed when I realise I had to burn a whole in my pocket before I taste it. A scoop of ice-cream costs at least S$3.00 these days! Can’t afford? Why not try making it at home?

Life isn’t exactly fair because the ice-cream machine that churns out ice cream probably costs a hundred bucks. What’s more, do I have to purchase an ice-cream maker just to enjoy a scoop of ice-cream?

Sounds ridiculous but fret not, I’ve found an inexpensive way to churn out not just one but several scoops of Green Tea ice-cream with only S$4.60!

How to make instant green tea matcha ice cream

Matcha ice cream

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Serving : 5 – 6 scoops
Ingredients :

– 1 packet of Green Tea Ice-cream powder mix
– 200 ml of Soya Milk / Fresh Milk


1. Empty the contents of the ice-cream powder mix into a big mixing bowl.
2. Add 200 ml of Soya milk or fresh milk. Stir and mix well with a whisk.
3. Leave it in the freezer for about 3 hours before serving.



At first, I was pretty doubtful about the product. How it is possible to attain that creamy texture without using an ice-cream maker? I was studying its ingredient list of the ice-cream powder mix but I’m still left with a trail of question marks popping out of my head.


Here’s the product label:

Green Tea Ice Cream Mix 50/65g
MAIN INGREDIENTS : Granulated Sugar, Powdered Oil, Dextrin, Glucose, Fructose, Powdered Starch Syrup, Trehalose, Green Tea, Salt, Emulsifier, Carrageenan, Flavor

I didn’t have a whisk lying around in my kitchen. So I just use a spoon to whisk the mixture manually. That actually get my biceps pumping and working!

Check this out! It does produce a nice, even and creamy consistency. Almost like…real green tea ice-cream!

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