MILO Easy Cool : My Favourite Icy Cold Chocolate Drink

What makes us truly Singaporean?
Language: Singlish, English ( with a Singaporean accent)
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Food: Char Kway Teow ! Local curry ! Nasi Lemak !

Milo is an all-time favourite drink for both young and old singaporeans alike. I use to drink this for breakfast when I was a primary school kid and I would usually dip biscuits or crackers into this chocolate drink. It is usually drank hot because the milo powder could only dissolve with ease under heat. During those cold,chilly mornings or days when it’s raining, we always yearn for a hot cup of Milo to keep us warm. It’s tasted like hot cocoa but with a Singaporean flavour to it.

But on days when the weather is hot, we would prefer to get ourselves a cold beverage to put off all the heat and to soothe our nerves. It’s quite  hassle to make Ice Milo sometimes because you have to add hot water to dissolve the powder before putting ice or cold water to chill it. You have to add lots of ice cubes in it in order to lower the temperature of the drink. But when too much ice is added, the drink gets very diluted as the ice cubes starts to melt under heat. It’s definitely not easy to make the perfect ICE MILO!

But there’s this place where we could all get ice, cold milo from! It’s also FREE! It’s our favourite MILO van! Whenever there are sports-related events held in school, the Milo van will asked to station within our school compound to distribute tiny cups of Milo. The greedy children,like myself ( hehe ) wll queue up for more cups of Milo. It’s the perfect blend of Milo with the right amount of water added.

Over the years, the recipe of Milo hasn’t really change much except that it has been made healthier through the addition of other nutrients and reducing the amount of fat and suagar content in the drink. So it’s pretty exciting when Milo decides to bring the drink up to a whole new level by creating a formula that could dissolve upon the addition of cold water! I was one of the lucky bunch who get to try out the latest Milo Easy Cool sponsored by Nestle Singapore.

It’s a healthier Choice
Actigen – E
Glucose, maltose and complex carbohydrates
Vitamin C
Essential vitamins and minerals

With Milo’s Easy cool, that means you could take packets of Milo sachets to anywhere with you even when you are travelling overseas. It’s so convenient because all you need is cold water to make yourself a “homely”, comfort drink!
Just Pour,shake and be cool.
Good news! Milo Easy cool comes with a Milo shaker bottle when you make your purchase this month of February!

Milo’s 3 in 1 Easy cool is now available at all major supermarkets. It is retailed at $6.30 per pack of 15 sachets.
Milo is also running a Facebook contest urging people to take part in their video contest where they can get to win attractive prizes such as iPad2 and Sony PS Vita. To take part in this contest, just simply submit your very own video demostrating how “it’s easy to be cool- If You Know How”. Contest ends on 28 February.

Visit Milo’s YouTube channel to watch other cool videos!
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