30 Penhas Road
Opposite Kitchener’s Complex
Nearest MRT: Lavender MRT


A French-style Patisserie
Victorian, English Decor
Specialise in Tea, cakes,macarons, meringues,cookies,chocolates and other pastries.
A French Name 
Antoinette (feminine)
Antoine (masculine)
Beyond praise or highly praise-worthy.

(According to its website, it is named after Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France.)

Kirsten Dunst acting as Marie Antoinette in the movie,”Marie Antoinette”
Indeed, Antoinette has earned its name in many of the food blog reviews and has been widely featured in our local media. The owner, Chef Pang Kok keong started this business at the right time when fellow  Singaporeans are having fatter pockets,cultivating a fine taste for fine, exquisite gourmand and learning how to appreciate the word, “ambiance”.

 Just by the look of how all these sweet things are displayed, wouldn’t you not want to pop into this salon de thé? The colourful meringues and appetising pastries make you instantly feel blissful,happier and pampered. It’s a feast for the eyes even if everything taste like pure sugar. 
Excellent marketing strategy.

 Antoinette (S$9.00)
The most raved abut cake on blogs and Facebook.
It’s their signature cake.
It looks tantalising with it’s nice and shimmery chocolate-glazed sheen with a golden blob filled with rasberry syrup. This piece of cake just glows under the soft lighting at Antoinette.

The Earl-grey mousse tasted quite refreshing and light. But it didn’t exactly tasted very rich, sensational or unique that would send my head through the roof. I believe that the most awesome dessert is one that would taste smooth and so flavourful on the tongue that your sensory system registers the taste instantly. However, this cake didn’t really wake my senses up.

Anyway, I can’ expect every cake to be baked by the award-winning chef himself, right? The earl grey flavour isn’t that outstanding or as rich as I thought it would be. Just as I was about to give this cake a miss after a few bites, I notice there’s an inner filling: Chocolate shards. What’s more? There’s a thin waffle crisp right underneath the mousse. Curious to find out what’s in the golden glob, I use my fork to poke and create holes and the rasberry sauce almost oozed out. Honestly, the taste of rasberry together with the earl grey tea mousse didn’t really worked out well on my tongue. It just tasted like two seperate things.

   “You are Rasberry and I am Earl Grey.”
“So,leave me alone.”
Les Sandwiches: Burger  Antoinette, $18

Chicken leg patty clamped between 2 slices of brioche bread. 
The burger is served with butter lettuce and a handful of onion and sour cream chips. The chips, as a side, has sort of “Americanised” the whole dish itself. Though there’s nothing really “french” or “European” about it, it tasted pretty good. What’s special about Antoinette’s burger is the pan-fried thin slices of apple which are sandwiched between the bread and the meaty patty. Because its slightly caramelised, it gives off a slight natural fruity sweetness that compliments really well with the brioche bread and meat patty. But I am not too sure about the appearance of the chips at the side of the plate though. It isn’t home-made, extra crunchy or anything like that. Maybe it’s Kettle chips?

First layer: Pan-fried apples
Second layer: Chicken leg patty. Did you see that bits of carrots? Thumbs up for adding veggies! It gives the meat patty that extra crunch too.
Third and fourth layer: More apples and lettuce. 
Brand this dish with a “healthier choice” label!

Savoury Crepe: Florentine ( $15)
Serrano ham, Emmental cheese and sunny side up 
Oh my goodness. I’m salivating when I am looking at this photo.
This dish did really send my head through the roof. It requires a good mastery of skill to make a perfect, evenly, toasted crepe. The crepe was nicely done. Parfait! The combination of Serrano lam, which tasted slightly salty (almost like bacon but less fattening) together with salad, cheese, egg yolk and crepe… oh…goodness… I was craving for more after the first mouthful of it. What makes it so appetising it the fresh eye yolk that tasted very rich and buttery. I am not too sure if they had spread some butter over it or not but this dish is just adequately moist and goes easy on my palate. Not too worry about the cholesterol and oil in it because the green leafy veggies will absorb the grease. It doesn’t leave you feeling like a barrel of oil.


I have to say that Chef Pang really put quite alot of thought into making the dish look presentable, healthy and delicious. Thumbs up for adding some nutritional value into fine food! 

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