Braces-friendly Breakfast

I’ve been adapting well to my braces-lifestyle and only had a one or a couple of ulcers in my mouth. Thank God that I was blessed with a wide jaw so that there is sufficient room for teeth movement and also, less abrasion.

However, there’s only a limited food choices for me to pick from. They are practically those soft or chewy food that do not require much chewing. It’s okay to eat KFC’s fried chicken but you wouldn’t enjoy savouring the chicken when you know that the meat fibres will get trapped and stucked in your braces. That’s when you need to exercise and train your tongue to do push the food remnant stucked in the braces. After several tries or when the people around you started to notice your awkward mouth movements, you might just want to make a run to the toilet to brush your teeth. See? It’s rather inconvenient. I might as well skip eating meat and hard food altogether.

So when a problem surface, you have face it by coming up a solution. Cast the blues away, here’s a easy,quick and healthy breakfast idea for the people who’s leading a “braces-lifestyle”. Brace yourselves up!

1. Green Tea Matcha Soya Drink

I love to drink soya milk which has a thick consistency so I like to purchase those soya powder mix where you could control the consistency and texture of the soya milk. Then, I add half a teaspoon of Green Tea Matcha powder to boost up the health benefits of this drink as green tea serves as a great anti-oxidant.

2. Peanut butter and Jam sandwich

For a healthier option, you might want to use wholemeal bread which is enriched with hi-fibre. You toast the bread slices til brown and spread peanut butter on one toast, and jam on the other. For me, I like to add half teaspoon of cinnapowder over the peanut butter to spice it up. Cinnamon goes well with anything that taste sweet!

Don’t forget to add one serving of fruits to your plate!

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