Dr.Seuss’ s The Lorax Movie Review

I was glad that I had an invitation from omy.sg to watch an animated movie,The Lorax  at Shaw Lido today. I was pleasantly surprise that it was a 3D movie!  This is by far the best cinema with comfy seats after Shaw organisation revamped the whole cinema!

It was such an awesome movie for kids,really! Nowadays there are just too few meaningful movies around and this is one movie that is truly inspiring and touching. I mean what a great book or movie to send an important message about protecting our trees and showing a little care for our environment. This movie speaks more than that! The main character of the movie, Little Ted, was just a 12 year old boy who probably didn’t have a say in the adult world. But he had the courage and motivation to speak up in this turmoiled world. He was a sincere boy who went all the way to pursue the heart of a girl whom he loves. Inspired by The Once-ler’s personal story, Ted promise Once-ler that he will plant the last seed by all means. All he had to do was to convince the people to love and protect this tree. This will be their seed of hope. Once this seed is planted, a new future will blossom. 
This world just can’t leave without the greens. This world just can’t leave without people like you and myself who can make a difference to this place.
You might want to bring a pack of tissues because a couple of movie-goers actually teared during the movie. To me, the most emotional part was when Ted stood up for his own ideas and declared to everyone about his identity and got everyone in his city to understand why trees are crucial and what are the changes we should make in our environment. I can’t help to think that how similar this movie scene is to the scriptures in the bible where Jesus explained to masses of people about who he was and why was he sent here. 

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

– Dr. Seuss

Get your moustache on and get ready to watch Lorax!

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