Hakubi White C Pills: Snow White’s Secret to Fair Skin

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Sato’s Vitamin C Preparation
Hakubi White C
(Containing L-Cysteine)

Daily Dosage
Three times a day in the morning,daytime and evening.
2 tablets per dose.
(180 tablets per bottle)
( One month supply of tablets)
Composition ( 6 tablets)
L-Cysteine (240mg)
Vitamin C (600mg)
Pyridoxine hydrochloride (6mg)
Calcium pantothenate (24mg)
Lighten spots,freckles and pigmentation
Helps to promote skin renewal 
Enhance whitenining effects
Photo Credit: vitamin-mineral.healthfoodxdrinks.com
It’s one of those products which several people have been raving about online. To really evaluate its effectiveness, we have to simply scrutinize the ingredients found in each table. According to the Sato’s Website, one of the key ingredients to enhance the whitening effects are L-cysteine and Vitamin C. Does Vitamin C helps in skin whitening ? Yes! You might want to read this article which reveals about the scientific truths about vitamin C and L-cysteine. In short, Vitamin C stimulates the production of glutathione levels in the blood. Glutathione is protein which helps regulates the balance of light and dark pigments in our skin.In addition,Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant which helps in combating free-radicals and it also promotes formation of collagen which is important for maintaining skin elasticity.
 L-cysteine, an amino acid, is a component of the glutathione. Thus, the combine effect of high dosage Vitamin C and L-cysteine is going to further boost up the levels of Glutathione in the blood. So, how does the increase levels of Glutathione helps exactly in skin whitening? Well, glutathione is an inhibitor of melanin (dark skin pigment). It competitively stops the formation of melanin so overtime, the skin will gradually appear lighter with the intake of Vitamin C.
With that said, if you have seen my skin complexion before, you’d be wondering why I have to consume such pills when I am already very fair to begin with. Not to mention, if I had fair skin, would be even fairer after consuming these pills? Don’t forget that such skin supplements not only “whitens” your skin but it also helps to give you a clearer,brighter and even-toned skin. Besides, the pills probably also prevents your skin from getting darker easily under the sun. Furthermore, I am lacking a huge amount of Vitamin C after wearing braces. I couldn’t seem to munch and snack on fruits like apples and oranges as my teeth could hurt if I took a bite. Instead of taking Vitamin C pills, I choose Hakubi C which consists of a considerable amount of vitamin C and other nutrients which helps maintain skin health. This kills two birds in one stone, doesn’t it?
“Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Who’s the fairest of them all?”
Having a fair skin doesn’t really equate to being beautiful. Having a bright,radiant and healthy skin complexion is more alluring. 
“Mirror,mirror on the wall.
Who’s the healthiest of them all?”
Girls, you know you just can’t depend on pills to give you perfect skin. 
Exercise, eat healthily and have plenty of rest to maintain our physical bodies which 
God has blessed us with.

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