First Spanish Lesson

Today was my first Spanish lesson!
Just about a week ago, I got to know that my friend was currently studying Spanish at Las Lilas. And that’s all it all started.

 I’ve always wanting to pick up a new language after French and Vietnamese. I tried Japanese but it didn’t really work for me as I have found no passion in learning this language. I thought of going back to Alliance Francaise to continue with French but I didn’t know where to begin. So I guess the next best solution for me is to pick up a language that is similar to French so that I will not stray away from it. I thought, why not Spanish? Blame it on peer influence, I guess that’s how I grow to like Spanish. My first love was French and it will always be. My second love is Spanish. It’s terribly romantic as well!

There’s just something special about learning romantic languages. It’s so full of passion and liveliness to it. For Spanish, it’s all about music and colours. Think Mexico. There’s a different kind of romantic vibe that the Spanish language gives. It’s more bold and daring as compared to French. The French language gives off that sort of gentle, soft, romantic kind of love but for Spanish, it’s all about being really passionate, vibrant and bold.

Anyhow, I decided to take up Spanish lessons at Las Lilas though it’s pricey and it has just burnt a huge hole in my pocket. But I knew the Spanish-native teachers and resources available in that school is going to worth that much of the money I’ve surrendered to the school. It’s an Ouch at first but it will has turned to a WOW today after my first lesson.

I was pretty impressed by how structure this whole programm of learning Spanish. Right now,  I am taking the beginner’s course A1.1. This learning structure is very similar to French where beginners start off with A1  and eventually progressing to Level B til C.  The lessons are held only once a week, each lastng for 2 hours. Each module has 10 sessions of lessons.Within this short amount of timeframe, our teacher , Isidro Raminez managed to cover quite alot of the basics like greeting and introducing ourselves, learning of alphabets and vocabulary. Every minute was effectively used. Not a minute is wasted.

The textbook and workbook imported from Madrid is really expensive too. It could be due to the high printing cost and delivery expenses to send it over to Singapore. In addition, CD-roms were also included in the textbook.The pages are full-coloured and “gloss-ed” up with pictures and photographs that made the textbook quite attractive and fun to read and look at.  The students were also equipped with a file that is stashed with worksheets and notes for this course. I would say that we were all well-equipped with resources. In addition, there is also a handout stating the dates of each lessons and the syllabus to be covered for the ten sessions. Pretty impressive and well-organised I must say. Having to attend several foreign language classes in university and language schools before, this is probably one of the most organised and well-planned language school I’ve ever attended.

Spanish is just another mysterious and sexy language which I never knew til today.


Un abrazo.

Here’s a Spanish song which I can’t stop listening to.

Las Lilas Website

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