Neutrogena Fine Fairness : Brightening Serum

Dermatologist tested.
Non-comedogenic. Oil-free

I started to include this brightening serum in my daily skin regime because I wanted to achieve an even and brighter skin tone. During one of my shopping routine at Watsons, I spotted this serum by Neutrogena which is on sale so I bought it immediately. A good serum usually costs up between $30 to $40 but i got this for $23 which was quite a good deal.

The serum has a light texture, not too creamy or oily. In addition, I love how it feels on my skin when I applied it on my face. The light-weight serum absorbs pretty quickly into my skin. I would apply this at night, just before I go to bed and the next morning, my skin will appear more refreshed and brighter.

The whitening effect was not too prominent on my skin as I have a fair skin tone to begin with so I can’t attest as to whether this product is effective in whitening the skin. And more importantly, this product is non-comedogenic which will not clog pores and cause break-outs. My skin is rather sensitive and its pores clog rather easily so this product is pretty suitable for my skin.

This is my first time using a serum for my skin but if you have a young and health skin, you might not need this as this product formula might be too rich for your skin. This product is suited to people who are entering their mid-twenties or above.

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