On Sabbath Day, Do What the Parisiens Do

Picture captured from Appetite magazine.
  On Sabbath Day,
Do what the Parisiens do.
Talk a slow stroll down the streets of Montmartre.
Huddle in the arms of your love one
And grab a hot cuppa from the bistro to warm your senses.
It’s sunday.
The day to appreciate the beauty of people and things that God has blessed us with.

Dine, chat and sip some coffee while enjoying a fruitful coversation with the person seated right infront of you.

While waiting for the food to be serve, why not grab a magazine off the rack and look at beautiful pictures of  people and food?

Teriyaki Chicken Baked Rice 

Did I tell you that this dish was fantastically delicious!
C’est bon!

Well-baked rice enriched with a good amount of mayonnaise and cheese.

Roasted chicken with Duck Liver Mousse

Leave the best to the last. Savour the soft and rich duck liver mousse.

We are blessed to taste the finest food in a cafe that offers fine, Pan-Pacific Rim food at pocket-friendly prices.

Olio Cafe

Olio Café City Square Mall 
180 Kitchener Road, #03-39/40 Singapore 208539

Tel : 6509 0656

Fax : 6509 0657

Operating Hours : 11.30am to 10.00pm (Daily)

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